We make unique toddler tees and onesies for families of gamers, comic book nerds, nostalgia lovers, scientists, computer geeks, readers, movie buffs, cosplayers, Whovians, Jedi and Klingons. Our baby clothes are high-quality, baby soft and vibrantly printed on both sides.

Youth Sizes On The Way

January 09, 2015

Hey Everyone,  We've been hard at work launching the store and preparing to take some rad pictures for the website. It feels like we've been working non-stop since we launched at Christmas.  We're finally on Instagram @nerdywithchildren  The big news is that we're preparing templates for youth sizes. You parents out there with kids ages four to twelve will soon be able to dress your older children in our awesome designs. Our goal is to launch these sizes by the first of February, so make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter for latest updates.  We've got a few great new designs in the works, but we're always looking for ideas. Please feel free to send us a message if you're an... Continue Reading →

A Good Time to be Nerdy with Children

October 30, 2014

We finally live in a time when being called a nerd is a compliment. Those who grew up with Star Wars and Revenge of the Nerds and The Goonies are having their own kids now, and can't wait to pass on the message that being different is more than just ok, it's critical. It's also a time that being big into something like Firefly or Doctor Who brings us together. It's only natural we'd want to share that with our kids. We think that Nerdy With Children is ready to contribute even more to the nerdy parent community by making some neat products that make changing that diaper just a little bit less of a chore because your kid's outfit... Continue Reading →


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