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Nerdy With Children is the premiere site for alternative parents who want their children to inherit the same awesomely nerdy ways. We review cool products, publish nerd-worthy stories and advice, and create a community where like-minded parents can interact to share thoughts, ideas, and experiences with one another. Most of all, we hope you have as much fun reading and interacting with the site as we do running it!

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Nerdy With Children is owned and operated by Endemic, Inc., which is a fancy way of saying Nick Veneris & David Gorcey (see photo). But none of it would be possible without our team of awesome writers, and overall kick-ass individuals working with us to help make Nerdy With Children as cool as possible. We LOVE input and are grateful you ended up here, so if you have any suggestions, ideas, interested in investing, or just want to say hi, please feel free to send us a message via our contact form. Thanks so much for stopping by!

The Staff

David Gorcey, Co-Founder, has over 6 years of experience in the online space, having most recently served on the executive team of a Google Ventures-backed company before leaving to help launch Nerdy With Children. He enjoys playlists full of 80’s alternative, paying more for things because they say “organic,” and dressing up way more than is necessary for working at a startup consisting of so few people.

Nick Veneris, Co-Founder, has been a internet entrepreneur since 2006, previously launching the website Xomba.com which reached 10 million monthly pageviews, and continues to be profitable today. He’s obsessed with 50’s rockabilly music, reading horror novels, and collecting boardgames. Nick lives in NYC with his wife and pet albino corn snake, Salazar.

Danielle Beauchea, Editorial Intern, is a certified cinephile (through her M.A. in Cinema Studies) who delights in pointing out the deep, symbolic meanings of 80s horror films. Her B.A. in English and experience at an alternative newsweekly cultivated a distaste for run-on sentences and blatant spelling errors. Danielle loves Fables, all things Steve Jackson, and consulting the Marvel Encyclopedia during every episode of 90s X-Men, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and various Spiderman cartoons (to point out any continuity errors, of course).

Jessica Trebing, Editorial Intern, is a lover of films with dry humor and games that in any way involve eyepatches. She has been playing PC, console and tabletop games since before “gamer girl” was a thing. She has a BA in English Lit so she’s read a few books as well. Jess spent the majority of her life after college as a high school English teacher and yearbook adviser, but she is currently taking time off to see what kind of trouble she can get into in the online writing and editing scene.


Are We Hiring?

We’re constantly looking for talented writers and interns. If you are nerdy and love writing/editing, designing/developing, or social media, shoot us a message.


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