New LEGO BOOK Gets Medieval

LEGOs, just about every person I know has, at one time in their life, played with these colorful simple interlocking blocks. People have been building automobiles, spaceships, monsters and even castles for over 60 years. Like many of you, I still have my LEGOs that I had as a child. An heirloom ready to hand down […]

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Game Art Inspires Children To Become Video Game Designers

Game Art by Matt Sainsbury is more than just a coffee table book. It’s a great way to inspire kids who may want to get into the world of game design, or truthfully, any form of art. It’s all about the vision and the process. The book begins with a preface reminding the reader that […]

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9 Reasons Why We Need More Parents Like You

1. You believe in science. Evolution? Check! Climate Change? Check! Space Exploration? Check!   2. You don’t feel the need to schedule every minute of your child’s day. You are a big believer of unorganized play.   3. You read to your child as much as possible. The benefits of reading to toddlers and little kids […]

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The 10 Best Free Things to Do with Kids This Summer

Sometime around 3:30pm today, I heard a bunch of screaming kids running down the street. I looked outside to see a big group of elementary aged kids running down the sidewalk, yelling the names of the kids on my block who promptly ran out of their houses and joined the stampede. I can only guess that […]

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5 Great Online Indie Kids’ Clothes Boutiques

Your kiddo is only gonna let you dress them for so long before they take their style down an adorably horrific path that you just can’t follow, which is why you MUST pepper your little’s wardrobe with at least a few quirky head-turning indie pieces that are so cute (and so you) that you think you just might cry.

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5 Unique Marvel Kids’ T-Shirts

You may have heard about the issues Disney’s been having with some of their Age of Ultron merchandising choices as of late. In case you missed it, the kids’ clothes that came out to promote the film were seriously lacking anything Black Widow. Marvel, we know you’re trying (at least we’d really REALLY like to […]

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How Many Onesies and Sleepers do I Need?

When I was pregnant, the weirdest questions crept into my nesting brain and took root, usually waking me up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night. I remember these being a few – how many onesies will she need? Which type is best? What if she doesn’t fit ANY of them? Sleepers […]

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A Shortlist of Nerdy Father’s Day Gifts

Yeah, I’m a dad. Have been for the past six years. And all the rumors are true: It’s been simultaneously the most rewarding and most harrowing adventure of my life. Do I deserve special recognition for this? Probably not. None of us do, really. It’s our responsibility to be good parents. Otherwise, we should never […]

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5 Cool Legend of Zelda Baby Onesies

Hey, Listen! We know how much you guys love the Legend of Zelda. We know your love goes beyond just playing the games, and we know that even those of you who hate kid Link would take Windwaker over anything from any other Nintendo universe, just because it’s Link. We get it. Want to know […]

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