Mana Pots for the Real World

Sometimes we all feel a little drained, especially this time of year. The sky is grey, it’s cold, and life is beating us down. How many more soccer practices and math homework worksheets until summer? Too many. That’s how many. What would a pixelated hero do in a situation like this? He’d find an inn, […]

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Introducing your Kids to Free-to-Play Video Games

Be thankful, friends: we live in a the new era of free-to-play gaming. If you’ve still been paying for video games, ok, that’s fine. Some people like that. And of course, some games are worth paying for. Just keep in mind that they aren’t all worth it, and on the flip side, some free games […]

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Bringing Your Family to Pokemon

So you may be privy to the viral internet oddity of the week: Twitch Plays Pokemon. In essence, anyone who wants to could enter a command that controls a giant community game of Pokemon Red. Since finishing the 1996 game via emulator on the live video game streaming site, fans have moved on to Pokemon […]

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Vintage-Style Gaming Posters Add a Little Class

Since moving into our new home in November, my family (who just so happens to be super into gaming) has picked up a few key decorative items. Ikea has been a great help, but sometimes you need to punch it up with something a little more personal. After all of the things I’ve bought in […]

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5 Easy (and Frugal) Ways to Nerd-ify Any Nursery

In case you can’t tell by a quick scan of our catalog of articles, we really REALLY like finding cool nerdy stuff for baby’s first room. There are a couple of reasons for this, the first and foremost being our belief that being a parent shouldn’t mean giving up the things you like to geek […]

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Why 2014 Will Be the Year of LEGO

It’s always a little baffling to see how far LEGO has come since we were kids. As if being the go-to building block for upwards of three generations isn’t enough, LEGO has recently been expanding very VERY far beyond the bricks. Marvel and DC licenses? Really good action games with IP’s like Harry Potter and […]

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Family-Friendly Video Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2014

After 2013’s console wars, you’re probably pretty tired of hearing about video games, right? Yeah, that was a test. You passed. Who could ever get tired of hearing about video games? 2014 is poised to be an incredibly exciting year in gaming, but for very different reasons than the previous year. Looking at emerging trends, […]

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