Nerdy ‘Night Before Christmas’

My grandma used to read “The Night Before Christmas” to me a few times every holiday season, usually at my impetuous demand. We both loved it, and I can still hear her voice reading it. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it. It’s even been said that the poem by Clement Clarke Moore (which was […]

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Our Favorite Nerdy Pajamas

It’s that special time of year when the family finds themselves having more and more jammie time together. The kids are home for the holidays, and Mom and Dad, if they’re lucky enough, have been stealing a few leisurely mornings in their comfiest footie jams. Christmas’s unofficial uniform may as well be PJ’s, and if […]

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Cavemen Quest For Fire A Game Your Whole Family Will Love

It’s no secret we love board games here at Nerdy With Children for several reasons. First, playing with your family should be an enjoyable experience for all participants. “Bored” games like Life, Sorry, and even Monopoly have gone the way of the dodo bird. Most of us love hobby games, and the thought of playing […]

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Take Your Family On An Adventure With Legends of Andor

Is your family looking for an epic co-op board game adventure that teaches you how to play instead of wasting hours reading a rule book? If your answer is yes, then you need to add Legends of Andor to the family game night.  With four classes to choose from; dwarf, warrior, archer and wizard, lots […]

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Zombies Attack Mainstream Toy Shelves

There’s just something about zombies that have always made them the black sheep of the horror world. They should be scary, right? They’re kind of gross sometimes (remember that scene in The Walking Dead where a bit of the little girl’s zombie scalp came off when her dad brushed her hair? Gross.) But most of […]

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Nine Necessities for Nerdy Newborns

You’ve just spent seven or eight months stockpiling a stash of regular newborn necessities like a year or two’s supply of diapers and a zombie apocalypse survival kit for your new little fam. But what about the other necessities? Isn’t life about being nerdy? Do you really want your kid to start out without a […]

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“Hey, That’s My Fish” Perfect For Your Little Ones

When Fantasy Flight Games sent me a copy of “Hey That’s My Fish”, I immediately assumed it was some cutesy simple game for little kids. The box art boasts penguins in a subarctic landscape snatching up a bunch of fish. Printed on the box was the phrase, “A sub-zero game of fishy strategy”. Upon first […]

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Dungeon Fighter A Co-Op Monster Slaying Board Game With A Twist

Do your children enjoy throwing dice more than rolling them? Do you have a hard time keeping them seated during board game night? Well, Fantasy Flight, publisher of our recently reviewed The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus, sent us Dungeon Fighter, a game that mixes co-op dungeon crawling and darts. Well, not darts exactly. More like […]

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