How to Teach Kids About Germs

If you haven’t caught that nasty old cold or flu that’s going around this year, take a moment to consider yourself one of the lucky ones. If you’re a parent and you haven’t gotten sick yet, we all hate you a little. Not really. I’m sure if we met I’d like you a lot. But […]

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5 Easy (and Frugal) Ways to Nerd-ify Any Nursery

In case you can’t tell by a quick scan of our catalog of articles, we really REALLY like finding cool nerdy stuff for baby’s first room. There are a couple of reasons for this, the first and foremost being our belief that being a parent shouldn’t mean giving up the things you like to geek […]

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Should Your Kids be Watching Hitchcock Movies?

Should your kids be watching Alfred Hitchcock movies? I’m sure your gut reaction says no. I mean, just filming Psycho left Janet Leigh unable to shower for the rest of her life. But as I was sitting in the theater with my dad last year watching Vertigo for the umpteenth time at one of those […]

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“Family is Everything:” Holding on to Breaking Bad

No matter how much I love them, I’m pretty terrible at staying current on the latest TV shows. My friends and coworkers know this and always carefully sidestep spoilers when talking around me, bless their hearts. One of the downsides of being behind on my TV watching is that I often miss the waves of […]

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The Nerdy Family 2014 Movie Guide

It’s been a really great time to be a nerd who likes going to the movies. Think about it: which genres have made an enormous comeback in recent memory? Comic book movies. Girls with bows (the archery kind, not the hair accessory). Tolkien stuff. It’s our time. 2013 was a pretty great year for the […]

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A Game of Thrones Nursery is Coming

You may not think that a show full of all of the things Game of Thrones is full of would be ripe for the picking in terms of nursery design ideas, but we’re determined. You may not want to use the Rains of Castamere as a lullaby, but a true fan wouldn’t let a little […]

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Why 2014 Will Be the Year of LEGO

It’s always a little baffling to see how far LEGO has come since we were kids. As if being the go-to building block for upwards of three generations isn’t enough, LEGO has recently been expanding very VERY far beyond the bricks. Marvel and DC licenses? Really good action games with IP’s like Harry Potter and […]

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Nerdy Maternity Tees

There seem to be two types of maternity clothes styles: cover it up or scream it out loud. While ‘cover it up’ is probably appropriate most of the time, if we cared about appropriate we wouldn’t plunk down our hard earned cash on things like Batman wallets or Star Trek undies. Seriously, if we cared […]

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Family-Friendly Video Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2014

After 2013’s console wars, you’re probably pretty tired of hearing about video games, right? Yeah, that was a test. You passed. Who could ever get tired of hearing about video games? 2014 is poised to be an incredibly exciting year in gaming, but for very different reasons than the previous year. Looking at emerging trends, […]

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