space bed

Decorating Your Future Astronomer’s Bedroom

In the past, we’ve talked about lots of things to give your little astronaut so they dream about the heavenly spheres– like this floating friend or this. But now maybe your kid is older and they have the mysteries of the universe whirling around inside their heads. The easiest way to encourage their love of all […]

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Home Aquaponics Kit

Teach Kids About Sustainability With Aquaponics At Home

Hey. Psst. Kid. You wanna learn some science?   Hey. Parents. Wanna teach your kid about responsibility?   With the new trend of urban gardening, aquaponics is a cool way to put even the family pet to use in producing food and limiting your carbon footprint. Aquaponics marries the simplicity of hydroponics (growing plants without […]

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It’s Never Too Early to Learn About Anatomy and Physiology

As a kid, I remember thinking that my heart looked like a Valentine and was located somewhere near my left armpit. When left to their own devices, kids will make up what they think they know about the human body, and then will silently carry around those fallacies until they’re (hopefully) corrected at some point […]

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‘Rawr’ Means ‘Etsy’ in Dinosaur

We couldn’t think of any other way to kick off our tribute to Etsy’s dinosaur section than with Carl Sagan riding a dinosaur and wielding a light saber. Like Sagan said, “somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Does this apply to particles tinier than the atom? Or does it apply to dinosaur Christmas sweaters? […]

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5 Great Geeky Wristwatches for Kids

It’s possible that while roaming the adult world full of clocks (on our phones, in our cars, next to our beds, on the wall) we’ve forgotten how freakin’ sweet a great wristwatch can be to a kid. I remember saving up points from some snack I always had after school to send in for my very […]

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5 Great Nerdy Ways to Recycle Old TShirts

Around here, we write about a lot of tshirts and onesies. And why shouldn’t we? They’re an adorable (or sassy) way to display some personality, they’re the perfect size and price for gifting, and they’re easy to toss on in a hurry. The right shirt is hilarious, practical, and tells the world exactly what you’re […]

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How to Get Kids Into Photography

Of all the arts media out there, it’s difficult to think of one that’s more kid-friendly than photography. Sure, there’s finger painting and crayon drawing, but nothing provides a window into a kid’s world quite like a photo. Handing a kid a camera helps us get to know them a little better while looking at […]

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Halloween Comic Fest

Things Nerdy Parents Can Enjoy With Kids This Fall

This guest post was written by Jasmin Mo of Geeks Unleashed. If you’re anything like me, you tend to buy things for other folks that you, yourself, would also enjoy. Selfish? Of course not: You’re simply sharing your interests with those you care about. Here are a few things for kids and teens this Fall that you, too, […]

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