10 Things To Do At The Star Trek Convention In Las Vegas


Are you and your family heading to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas this weekend? Are you having a difficult time deciding on what to do with your family? Worried that the normal discussion panels will bore your children to temper tantrums? When you aren’t checking out the vendors’ room, here are ten activities filled with science, gaming, DIY, technology, music, costumes, behind-the-scenes, and more, which will keep the entire family entertained for the remaining three days of the convention.

Friday Events On Friday, in the secondary theatre, there are three panels for your family to enjoy:

1. 11:45 am Mars: From Mariner to Curiosity and Beyond


Monday marked the one-year anniversary of Curiosity safely landing on Mars. Professor David William (Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration) will discuss what we’ve learned about the planet Mars, including results from the first year Curiosity rover’s mission.

2. 1:30 pm Inventing the Future – Ships, Props, and Tech of Star Trek

You know all those Star Trek toys and replicas you own? Franchise senior illustrator and technical consultant Rick Sternback will give you a look at the design process behind some of starships, hand props, and 24th century science and technology featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. He will also presents sketches done in traditional media and preliminary computer graphic models prepared for multiple departments. Included are drawings and renders produced for published technical manuals and other special products.

3. 2:10 pm Suzie Plakson gets K’Ehleyr make-up done live on stage by Klingon Expert Make-Up Artist John Paladin


In this special on-stage workshop, watch as John Paladin transforms Suzie Plakson into one of her many iconic Star Trek characters: K’Ehleyr.

On Friday, in the main theatre the following panel may be of interest:

4. 5:20 pm StarTrek.com presents… Legacy of Romulus with Denise Crosby

Crosby Legend of Romulus

If you and your children are excited about Denise Crosby’s return to Star Trek Online, then you’ll want to sit in on this panel as Crosby and Star Trek Online’s Al Rivera and Brandon Felczer discuss her role as Empress Sela.

Saturday Events On Saturday, there are five events, split between the main theatre and secondary theatre, for the entire family to enjoy:

5. Secondary Theatre – 11:50 am: StarTrek.com presents… Inside Star Trek Online 

Join the developers and learn about Star Trek Online, the Legacy of Romulus expansion, and more. Co-sponsored by Massively.com and Trek Radio

6. Secondary Theatre – 3:40 pm to 5:20 pm Costume Parade Pre-Judging

If your entire family will be cosplaying and you want to enter the costume parade, show up at any time during this period for pre-judging. At that time, the judges will let you know if you made the cut to be in Saturday’s finals on the big stage. Regular Starfleet costumes, though great, do not get through, so you might not want to go through the process if that is your costume this time.

7. Secondary Theatre – 5:40 pm to 7:20 pm The Star Trek Costume Record Breaking Attempt

Last year, the Guinness Book of World Records record for most people in Star Trek costumes at one time was snatched away from Las Vegas. Now, they need your help in reclaiming the title. If your family is in costume, head over to the secondary theatre during the above time. The number to beat is 1063.

8. Main Theatre – 7:30 pm The Famous Creation Star Trek Costume Parade 


If your family made the cut, this is where you’ll need to be. There are some amazing prizes, including a very special $1000 best in show gift certificate and, in honor of the 20th Anniversary of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, an added $500 additional prize for the most creative DS9 costume. Note: all prospective contestants MUST go through pre-judging in the Secondary Theatre. Judges are Michael Westmore, Don Stark and John Paladin.

9. Secondary Theatre – 7:50 pm 100 Worlds and Counting: Exploring Active Worlds in the Outer Solar System

Professor David Williams who worked on NASA’s Galileo Jupiter orbiter mission, will expose your children to the strange new worlds of moons. Williams will discuss the most active moons in our solar system. From fiery Io to icy Europa, from Enceladus with its geysers to Titan with its methane lakes, rivers, and seas, your children may never look at space the same again.

Sunday Events Finally, on Sunday there is one event, in the secondary theatre, which I really wish I could attend:

10. Sunday – Secondary Theatre: 3:40 pm StarTrek.com Presents: Star Trek Craft Workshop

Star Trek Crafts

Featured in one of my favorite books of this year, The Star Trek Craft Book and host of Glue Guns & Phasers, Mary Czerwinski will lead a step-by-step demonstration on how to make your own Star Trek crafts. Arrive early as supplies are limited. You can view the entire Star Trek Convention Las Vegas schedule here.

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