100 Cartoon Characters T-shirt from RedBubble

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100 Cartoon Characters T-Shirt

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Who is your favorite cartoon character of all time? Is it Count Duckula? Or maybe it’s The Tick? Well, whoever it is, chances are that they’ve been represented in 8-bit fashion on this awesome t-shirt! Whether you’re a fan of TMNT, Scooby Doo, Spongebob, Marvin Martian or many others, there are literally one hundred well known cartoon characters to be found here. With so many different animated classics, your child is bound to find several that they know and love. Help your kids show off their cartoon knowledge or give them some true perspective with this eye-catching shirt!

This design serves as a true testament to the power of the icons that these cartoons represent. Even if your child doesn’t know who they all are, imagine the fun you’ll have introducing your young ones to some of the most memorable characters from your childhood! Available in all kids sizes, you’ll have the opportunity to indoctrinate your children with the building blocks of animation from as early an age as you wish. Don’t look at MS Paint 100 as just another piece of clothing, as this is as an excellent opportunity to bond with your kids on a subject that you’ll both enjoy.


  1. Michael

    I bought this shirt several years ago and am looking to get a list of all the characters. Can you help?

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