100-Piece Puzzles for Kids

Boost your child’s cognitive skills with these 100-piece puzzles for kids!

Close up of puzzle pieces on table photo

Hello all, I’m back again with another article, and today we’ll be discussing puzzles, specifically, 100-piece puzzles for kids! Now, I know they aren’t for everyone, and honestly in this world they might seem out of date or a thing of the past. However, puzzles improve memory, attention to detail, fine-motor skills, teamwork, and many other cognitive skills. That’s why I believe it’s never too late to introduce kids to a somewhat “simpler” time. Wow, that makes me sound kind of old… but let’s get back into these puzzles!

I tried to keep every puzzle on this list as close to 100 pieces as possible. This is ideal for kids 5 and up, as it’s something that can be completed easily in an hour or two (with your help), or spread out over several 30 minute sessions, if that works better. The key is finding the right theme, the one that will grab your kid’s attention. That said, for you, dear reader, I not only found you cute puzzles, I found you cool puzzles, nostalgic puzzles, and 3D options too. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

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All set? Great, now, let’s get building those 100-Piece Puzzles for Kids!

100-Piece Puzzles

100-Piece Puzzles for Kids: Pokemon Puzzle in Box photo


Sometimes, I really miss OG Pokémon, like nothing’s compared to it and that feeling can honestly never be replaced. Thinking about the classic music, gym battles, and Team Rocket always failing miserably, kind of makes me sad how much time has passed. However, in moments like this, I remember how far the series has come and how much joy it’s brought to so many throughout the years. Also, I remember I still want my own actual, living, breathing, Eevee and/or Pikachu, please and thank you.

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100-Piece Puzzles for Kids: Disney Princess Puzzle in Box photo

Disney Princess

Ever since I was little, Disney has always been a huge part of my life. I know, I’m not the only one, but besides the fabulous stories, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Disney Princesses. Even now, I’ll still get majorly excited and wonder what the next princess to join the official lineup will be like. Probably seems weird to understand, but to me it feels like a tradition.

100-Piece Puzzles for Kids: Super Mario Puzzle in Box photo

Super Mario

So, in my search for gaming puzzles, I came across many Mario ones. Despite how cool they were, nothing really caught my eye. I almost felt like Goldilocks because nothing was juuust right. However, when I saw this I was starstruck. To be clear, I found quite a few Mario-themed puzzles but none had retro, 2-D versions of Mario and friends. Call me a traditionalist, but that’s what really made me want this puzzle. Also, Toad.

Spider-Man Puzzle and Tin Container photo

Spidey Gang

Every time I see any type of photos of Peter, Gwen, and Miles hanging out, I smile. Also, I love the fact Anya Corazon is here as well. She’s just one of the many types of spider beings. Only a handful would know who she is and it’s nice to see as the years have passed since Spider-verse more of the web-heads are getting the attention they deserve. 

Frozen 2 Sisters Puzzle in Box photo

Frozen 2

I know I already featured a Disney Princess puzzle, but as I said earlier, I’m obsessed. So, because of that, I featuring this beauty for you too. Also, allow me to weigh in on the debate of Frozen vs Frozen 2. I’m genuinely one of those who believe Frozen 2 was way better than the first! I’ll scream it from the rooftops, because Elsa didn’t abandon Anna and got her true happiness and more people need to recognize that! Also, Olaf.

100-Piece Puzzles for Kids: Powerpuff Girls Puzzle and Box photo

Powerpuff Girls

As someone who grew up on the OG series, watched it go off the air, and eventually come back for the reboot, let’s just say I really love Powerpuff Girls. Heck, I even watched the underrated anime version (it’s called Powerpuff Girls Z for anyone who wants to know). Also, I think everyone should know about this show and the messages that it teaches. Girls rock!

Toy Story 4 Puzzle in Box photo

Toy Story 4

Listen, I still cry over Toy Story 3, and if you didn’t you’re a monster. Buuut, I digress. I found it interesting to see what this movie brought after what many thought was an already perfect ending to the franchise. But whether you’re one of those who didn’t care for it or not, you have to admit it was nice to see Woody and all his friends again one last time.

My Little Pony Puzzle in Box photo

My Little Pony Movie

So, not gonna lie, looking at this makes me kind of sad. I guess it’s knowing this era of My Little Pony, as well as the side series Equestria Girls, is over. That there won’t be any more Mane Six content in the foreseeable future hurts me. But I think it’s great that fans of the series have plenty of options to share with their little ones, and this 100 piece puzzle for kids is a perfect example!

Pokemon Grass Fire Water Puzzle in Box photo

Pokémon: Grass, Fire and Water

Serious question time: what was your starter Pokémon? Or, even better, what’s your favorite type of Pokemon? Also, don’t look at me like that. I know I already featured a Pokémon puzzle, and maybe it’s slightly cheap to add another, but honestly how could you look at this and not be happy? I mean, just look at them! Some of them could practically take your head off but they’re all still so precious! I wanna catch ’em all! Okay, maybe that too much…

100-Piece Puzzles for Kids: Avengers Puzzle and Container Tin photo


I think we can all kind of agree, Marvel has most of us in a chokehold at the moment. So, when I saw this I instantly thought it’d be a really cute introduction for your kids, simple and classic. In addition, this is one of those rare Avengers products that “remembers” that Black Widow and Falcon are Avengers too. Honestly, it feels perfect for any Marvel fan, whether you’re more partial to the comics or the movies. Avengers assemble… this puzzle! Oof, that was bad. Carrying on!

100-Piece Puzzles for Kids: Monster High Puzzle in Box photo

Monster High

For the last official item on our list of 100-Piece Puzzles for Kids, I chose an oldie (but not that old!) that I really cherish. Monster High: the show that taught kids to embrace the “freaky” flaws that make them unique. Boy, did I take that message to heart! And now, with the return of Monster High in 2022, I think this puzzle is a cute way to introduce the fandom to a younger generation. Feels weird to say that, as I remember when it dropped, and even lived through another somewhat questionable reboot. Still, I’m optimistic that this new one will be the most creeperific yet!

A Little Under 100 Pieces

My Melody 3-D Puzzle with Box photo

3-D My Melody

As we know, Sanrio has many icons, and My Melody is definitely one of those icons. Pretty much can’t go anywhere in the Sanrio community without seeing My Melody or her rival Kuromi pop up. But hey, I’m not complaining because just look at her! So cute she makes your heart melt.

Sanrio Kuromi 3-D Puzzle in Box photo

3-D Kuromi

Speak of the devil, next up we have another Sanrio icon, Kuromi! Honestly, Kuromi and My Melody’s friendship is super precious. Which is kind of cute because, as rivals and besties, they’re never far from each other. So, together, this puzzle and the My Melody one = PERFECTION!

Somewhat Over 100 Pieces

Naruto Puzzle for Kids Box and Contents photo


I know the headline is 100-Piece Puzzles for Kids, but I don’t think a few extra pieces means forgotten all together.  Especially considering, I want to highlight the beautiful art from the original manga. Also, I refuse to let the “Boruto’s Dad” memes disrespect Naruto and the OG series. No offense to Boruto, but Naruto and his friends ended the third Shinobi War, put some respect on their names!

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Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service Puzzle in Box photo

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Jiji

There’s no shortage of Ghibli films, from modern classics like Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away to Ponyo and The Secret World of Arrietty, there are so many wonderful options. Though Kiki’s Delivery Service is well known, as I see her merch plastered all over Hot Topic, it’s more than just a cute aesthetic film. So, any chance I have to give this underrated film the credit it actually deserves, I’ll take. Also, to show love to the best companion a witch like Kiki could want: the most perfect cat, Jiji.