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1001 Games to Play Before You Die

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There is a certain trust in taking the advice of a friend or even complete stranger when it comes to video game recommendations. Unlike sitting down to a quick two-hour movie, playing a game can eat literally days of your life. And it’s a truly horrible feeling when you have put 40+ hours into a game only to come to the sad realization that what you are playing is simply not fun. So why chance it?

This handy-dandy book will leave all the guesswork behind, as the authors have scoured the world of nerd-dom to bring you a guide complete with the all the best, all the must-play games ever. Now of course, you’re a responsible parent, you don’t want your child to grow up playing terrible games; you want them to have a refined, sophisticated taste for their entertainment. Rather than provide them with something mindless, you can grab this guide and start them off on the right path, ensuring that they’ll understand video games are more than staring vacantly and drooling in front of a screen. Besides, 1001 video games is going to take a looong time to play through, so you might as well get your kid going while they’re young.

Pro-Tip: Check out this short history of video games made with just using sounds and music from the games themselves.

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