12 Hole Zelda Tenor Ocarina

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12 Hole Zelda Ocarina

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Link’s ocarina; an item steeped in history. Stories of this item are legendary. One so influential, it had the power to change a young boy who had been turned into a fox into a tree stump. An instrument so potent, it was able to wake an old man from sleeping, so he could briefly think about his estranged son, before going back to sleep. A weapon so powerful, it could break a weathervane designed with crippling architectural flaws, using nothing but weak sonic frequencies.

Yes, the ocarina has been invaluable to Link over the course of his many adventures. Sometimes you use it to discredit meteorologists, other times you use it to summon a duck. Or, you could actually, you know… play music with it.

This ocarina is modeled after the aforementioned instrument, and it plays as you might expect. While this particular version is incapable of altering the flow of time, it does play notes from A4 to F6, and comes with a neck strap and an instructional booklet. This makes it relatively easy for your kids to learn; it’s simple enough for them to pick up and play.

What’s that? You wanted to make it rain with the Song of Storms? Do me a favor, and go pick up that chicken over there. Now hold it above your head and go jump off a large wall, or something. Not gliding around through the air? I didn’t think so.

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