14 Cool Ideas for Baby’s “Star Trek”-Themed Nursery


It is never too early to begin immersing your child into your favorite fandom. For the Star Trek fans who are expecting a new addition to their collective, here are 14 ideas for your Star Trek nursery.

1. Star Trek Wall Decals

Warp decal

Wall decals are one of the easiest way to Trekking up your baby’s bedroom. No messy painting or fighting with wallpaper. Just peel and stick, and you’re done. From portals looking into outer space to warp drive and wormholes, from large decals of the starship Enterprise to LCARS, from Star Trek characters from The Original Series and The Next Generation to quotes and the Federation’s flag, picking the combination of decals for your baby’s first bedroom will be difficult.

2. Star Trek Plushies

Star Trek Plushies

Every baby deserves to have a Star Trek plush … or 16. From teddy bears to characters in Star Trek: The Original Series to the starship Enterprise itself, your baby will have plenty of Star Trek toys with which to cuddle.

3. Star Trek Diaper Bag

Star Trek diaper bag

Every parent needs a Star Trek diaper bag. Not only will they add a bit of flare to your baby’s nursery, but your baby will never leave home without something Star Trek related. Oh, and the bag carries diapers, too, which you will actually need a lot of. Babies like to poop, in many cases at the most inopportune places. Be prepared. It’s the Spock thing to do.

4. Star Trek Crib Bedding

Star Trek crib bedding fabrics

With 14 different designs from which to choose, your baby will sleep in both style and comfort. This Star Trek crib bedding set includes one blanket, one four-sided bumper, one throw pillow and one crib skirt, available in either cotton or flannel fabrics.

5. Star Trek Mobile

Star Trek Mobile

Every crib needs a mobile. You can indoctrinate your baby into dreaming about boldly going … with a Star Trek mobile that includes the starship Enterprise, either in plush form, or wood in rainbow colors and natural wood.

6. Star Trek Changing Pad

Star Trek changing pad

You have the Star Trek diaper bag, so obviously you need a Star Trek changing pad. Some parents opt out of the changing pad, thinking a blanket will do — that is, until the only blanket they brought along end up covered in you know what. So get a changing pad, will ya? When not folded up and stuffed in the diaper bag, it will look wonderful on your baby’s dresser or change table.

7. Star Trek Pillow Covers

Star Trek pillow covers

These Star Trek 16’x16’ pillow covers will look adorable in your baby’s nursery. Either line them up on the floor or put them on the rocking chair. The vibrant colors are sure to stimulate your baby.

8. Star Trek Lamp Shade

Star Trek lamp shade

All nurseries need a lamp. Switch out your regular lamp shade for one of these 14 different Star Trek lamp shades, available in 10 different sizes. When your kid gets older, he or she can use this very lampshade to make a fool of him or herself at parties.

9. Star Trek Light Switch Cover

Light switch cover

Get rid of your boring light switch cover, and swap it out for one of these Star Trek light switch covers. Whether you want your baby to grow up surrounded by Vulcan blessings, LCARS or other Star Trek symbols, you have a number of covers from which to choose.

10. Cardassian Piggy Bank

Cardassian piggy bank

I never thought I’d see the day when I would consider a Cardassian to be cute. But then, I stumbled across this handmade Cardassian piggy bank. These piggy banks can be personalized with your baby’s name. Start saving early — for the college fund or for the first trip to a Trekkie convention. It adds up, you know.

11. Star Trek Blanket

Star Trek blanket

Whether it be a Vulcan blessing to “Live Long and Prosper,” images of starships or Star Trek comics, your baby’s room can never have enough Star Trek blankets. Perfect for the rocking chair, crib, or they can double as an area rug to lay your baby upon when it is floor time.

12. Star Trek Alphabet

Star Trek Alphabet

No nursery is complete without the alphabet. The Star Trek alphabet, available as a print, framed art, stretched canvas and in a variety of sizes, is both cute and educational. Not only will your baby learn their alphabet from birth, but they will also learn the corresponding Star Trek characters. Which is important.

13. Star Trek Burp Cloths

Star Trek burp cloths

New parents may not realize how many burp cloths they will go through in a day. They are needed in every room, in copious amounts for all kinds of vomit-related events. So, when you are stocking up, be sure to purchase a bunch of Star Trek burp cloths for your nursery.

14. Star Trek Name Door Decals

Door decal

Your baby’s Captain’s quarters (aka the nursery) will not be complete without their name on their door with accompanying Star Trek decal. Whether your new baby is a commander, an engineer, a science officer or chief of security, he or she must have the appropriate sign for the door. These decals come in 34 different colors, so you can order them to match any décor.


If you want to make your own decorations for your baby’s nursery, don’t forget to purchase The Star Trek Craft Book: Make it So! It has an entire section dedicated to baby.

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