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1950’s UFO Model Kit

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Do you remember that sense of excitement and awe that arose from your first exposures to UFO lore? It was the hunger for something novel, something new, a mythology here and now. Who the heck cares how that ovoid disc managed to maintain lift while darting about, or that the supposed UFO footage you saw on Unsolved Mysteries kind of looked like a helicopter suffering from shaky-cam-syndrome? It just looked cool to your young and naïve imagination, and sparked that sense of wonder that maybe we aren’t alone in the universe.

Now you can capture that same sense of excitement and wonder with your kids as you team up to build your own model of the iconic 1950’s UFO. This silver-plastic kit is a genuine reissue of the classic kit, using the same molds that churned out model kits over 60 years ago. The finished model is at 1/48 scale and spans 6.25” at its diameter. A clear plastic canopy dominates the center of the disc and houses a glow-in-the-dark alien pilot. Also included in the kit are a display stand and decal transfers to really make your hard work stand out. Anyone interested in the hobby of model making will enjoy the history of this particular kit, which is included with the instructions. All of this is contained in packaging that sports retro box art, which you may want to keep to display along with the model.

This kit will make a great joint project with you and your kids. Keep in mind that plastic model glue is required, an that this kit does include small parts, so shouldn’t be given to children under the age of three.

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