20 Baby Cosplays That Might Make You Squeal

Perhaps costumes were always meant for children…but they’re definitely no longer meant for Halloween. Basically every time I go to a family restaurant, baseball game, or even the grocery store, I see a good number of little tykes dressed up in costume duds.

Cosplay has exploded into the baby-sphere. As a life-long geek, I revel in the fact that playing dress-up still popular with young and old. Let’s take a look at some of the cutest tiny cosplayers out there…


Dangit. This is too adorable. The real question: where can I find a She-Ra-esque leotard for adults?! Source



Little Cruella’s eyebrows are giving me “Divine” vibes. Which rules, in and of itself. Source

This tiny Freddy Krueger just happens to be making a perfect face. And that knit claw! Source


The fact that someone went out of their way to put Humpty Dumpty on a stone wall makes it an A+. Source


“If you’re gonna spew…spew in this,” as a baby bib must exist somewhere in the world. Source


This lil’ killer cutie would never get carded at the Milk Bar… Source


This spunky Groot baby even knows what to do with his arms! Precious! Source


How much more needs to be said about ’Breaking Baby’? I’m losing it over here. Source


Kids dressed as Ewoks: Cute thirty years ago, cute today, cute forever. Source


Whoever thought it was good idea to dress this lil’ gal up as Gallagher was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Source


Predator Baby says, “High fives all around.” Or, “Talk to the hand.” Either way. Source


So simple. So effective. This generated a legitimate belly laugh. Source


Let’s hear for some creative photography! This Stay-Puft marshmallow baby costume looks like fun for everyone involved. Source


“We are the members of the All-American Team, we come from cities near and far!” Source


Wee-oo, wee-oo! Someone needs to arrest this lil’ darling for breaking into the Krispy Kremes. Source


Prince Baby says, “You don’t have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude.” Source


Because you know what never, ever gets old? Cute kids dressed as cute animals. End of story. Source


This toddler is nailing Ziggy-era Bowie. I am beyond impressed. And, okay, jealous. Source


This ‘Link’ romper is absolutely wonderful and the little leather booties tie it all together. Source

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