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24 Flash Card Game

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Sometimes it’s good to see updated versions of classic games that were available when we were kids, so our kids can learn with the same tools. Even if the 24 Game isn’t immediately recognizable to you, it’s still just as potent of a math tool as it was when it was released years ago.

The 24 Game is a flash card-based game that contains four separate numbers on each card. The goal of each individual card, is to use the four numbers by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing them, in order to arrive at the number 24, hence the name of the game. The first few start out easy. Many of the beginner-level puzzles can be solved through basic addition and subtraction, suited to younger math learners. For the more advanced kids, the later cards feature more complex and intricate equations required to come up with the number 24. Each card has at least one guaranteed solution, so it’s worth coming back to the cards to figure out if there’s a secondary solution to the problem.

Simple, yet effective, the 24 Game is an excellent choice for kids looking to learn math with a more fun and interesting method than typical study.

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