3 Easy D.I.Y. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids


Warning. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12. If you’re the partner of a mom, you have just a few days left to get your act together. Children will want to get gifts for their mommies, and we know none of you want to give any more boxes of candy “from your kids” to your partners. Instead, pick a project that your shared progeny will enjoy doing, that you can do with them, and that will result in a more touching gift for Mom. We have a few ideas that should be low on cost and high on fun. Feel free to steal them, and let us know how it goes.

1. Plate Collage


The first step is to get a dinner plate that you can artify. (As in, Mom won’t freak out when it’s missing from the kitchen.) Most thrift stores have dozens of lonely single plates. You should be able to get one for less than a dollar. If your kids pick one with a cool border, that’s even better. Then collect some things to stick on the plate. Start with a base layer of photos. Moms love looking at pics of their kids. Other potential things of beauty include pressed flowers or leaves, bits of ribbon, and scraps of poetry or prose. Arrange everything on the plate and use Modge Podge or PVA to stick it all down. For expedited drying in between coats, hit your gift with a hairdryer. Voila — a personalized piece of art Mom can hang on the wall.

2. Maternal Shrine


Create this little dedication in an old wooden create or drawer. You can find these at a flea market, ReStore, or other urban materials recycling place. Alternatively, you can use a shoebox and cover it with brown paper grocery bags. Kids can line the box with colored paper or fabric. Decorate inside as desired — paint a “mural” on the back, use glitter, glue in fake flowers. Then fill the shrine with things Mom likes, things that put the kids in mind of her, or both. If Ma’s a doctor, the shrine could have a health or human body theme. If Mama likes traveling, include some train ticket stubs and picture postcards. You get the idea. Kids can supplement the theme with general good stuff, like pebbles, beads or a candle.

(Remind kids not to light the candle while it’s inside the box!)

3. Edible Bouquet


The TV commercials for these make them seem cheesy, but creating them is especially fun for children. And eating fruit is rad. Start with fruits and vegetables that are Mom’s favorite along with her favorite colors. Help kiddos carve flowers, animals or abstract shapes. If your wee ones are really wee, let them just stick together cubes that you cut ahead of time. Toothpicks make good joining materials and colored drinking straws can be stems. If what your kids end up with is a beautiful mess, your family can enjoy a Mother’s Day smoothie.

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