3 Rockin’ Baby Books for Your Rockin’ Baby


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to read. And I promise I’m not just saying that to look cool or anything. When I was little, I REALLY loved to read. Ask my mom.


She’ll tell you.

I loved all kinds of books. I loved Scooby-Doo mysteries, Berenstein Bears stuff, Dr. Seuss everything, Pat the Bunny, Goodnight Moon, Madeline, Clifford, and yeah … I think you get the point.  But since my baby days as a reading pro lacked music-themed story lines, here’s a few books about music that my parent’s never bought me, because they just didn’t know. And of course I couldn’t buy them because I was just a little baby blob.  Here we go:

1. Rockin’ Babies 


Written by mother-daughter writing team, Cynthia Weil and Dr. Jenn Berman, Rockin’ Babies — the first place winner of the Purple Dragonfly 2011 Board category — re-imagines the rock-and-roll lifestyle with rockin’ baby rock stars instead. But specifically, Weil, Berman and illustrator Geil Bernstein craft the comparison between a baby’s activities and that of a rock star’s where similarities (like endless paparazzi pictures and hoards of adoring fans) are undeniable.

And along with this unique children’s tale is the “keen sense of humor” (as stated by an Amazon customer) that drives it from start to finish. Parents who understand what humor means will appreciate the laughs, and your own tiny tot-star will appreciate the compliment. And considering Cynthia Weil is a legendary lyricist, penning classic tracks such as You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling, Somewhere Out There and We Gotta Get Out Of This Place –– you can feel good in knowing that Rockin’ Babies is written by a rockin’ industry insider — and a daughter who’s a rockin’ doctor, too.

2. Baby Loves To Rock!


While books geared towards babies are intended to appeal to babies and only babies, Baby Loves To Rock! is a delightful exception. The cover alone makes me want to read it. It’s a colorful illustration of a little baber with an electric guitar and amp . What’s cooler than that? Maybe a skunk that loves punk? Well, guess what? This book has that too! Amazing.

As a playful baby’s board book that may or may not have been titled after a Cheap Trick song of the same name, Baby Loves To Rock! written and illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan, showcases an array animals and their favorite styles of music with witty puns and rhymes like this: “The skunk loves punk … The weasel likes to pop … But who loves to rock?” The humor, along with the cuddly, music-obsessed animals, is engaging. You might end up enjoying this book more than your children.

3. Never Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Here’s the Punk Alphabet


I’m not a huge fan of Disney by any means, but if there’s one thing I give them credit for, it’s for writing movies with mature, insider jokes that children (who won’t understand until they’re older) and parents (who will totally guffaw) equally enjoy. And in a similar vein, Never Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Here’s the Punk Alphabet, also succeeds in entertaining and educating kids while throwing in references like the Iggy Pop doggie and Johnny’s rotten teeth that will make parents smile and LOL from one page to the next.

With 64-pages of punk-tastic alphabet lessons for kids, Never Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Here’s The Punk Alphabet — named after the classic Sex Pistols album from 1977 — is perhaps the greatest, silliest and most absurd children’s book ever conceived. From A-Z, the spirit of punk rock blasts like a Black Flag bass line with references to iconic figures such as Sid and Nancy, bands like The Damned and The Clash, and fashion statements like the Mohawk (this is what M is for). But for parents who offend easily, it’s important to note that you might not find this book amusing, as some illustrations depict kissing couples and doggies doing their business. If you’re more open-minded, though, and humor is your thing, then celebrate the origins of punk with the people and styles that shaped it in a way that will appease your baby punk and also make you laugh like the first time you saw Toy Story as an adult.

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