3 Ways to Tell if Your Child is Secretly a Superhero

There isn’t anyone you know better than your kids. You were there when they took their first Earthly breath, you changed every diaper and sucked out every booger with that squeezy thing. You fought to clean every scrape and force down every vegetable. If your kid had superpowers, you would know, right?


One would think. But we’re here to make sure you double-extra know without a shadow of a doubt that your kids aren’t harboring secret abilities to fly or go invisible for awhile or put away all the dishes without complaining.

Keep an eye out for these 3 warning signs of superheroism. If you notice any of them, it’s time to get that kid a cape and a rad costume – cat’s out of the bag.

Warning Sign #1: Super Connection to the Earth


Pictured: Commander Earth Toddler Tee

Does your little one love getting dirty and tracking mud all over the floor you just cleaned? While might seem at first like wrecklessness, look closer. It may be your kid’s love for the Earth that makes them want to smush it into all the little cracks and creases of your white couch.

Sign #2: Super Lack of Fear Around Deadly Objects

Pictured: Hey Listen! Romper

You may find yourself wondering why your child loves to climb up onto the highest surface or reach for the sharpest knives. The next time you catch them grasping with fingers towards a red hot stovetop, pause and reflect. Are they doing this because they are indeed invincible?

Sign #3: Super Sense of Curiosity

Future Chemist Toddler Tee
Pictured: Future Chemist Toddler Tee

“Why did everything used to be black and white?”

“Why are all the trees naked?”

“Why did Mommy eat all the Thin Mints?”

A super amount of annoying questions is an early warning sign of super intelligence.

These are the main warning signs that there’s a mini epic crime fighter in your midst. There’s no cure for superheroism, so your family will need to find ways to adjust. Try and harness your kid’s ability for the greater good. For example: lazer vision? Use it to pop popcorn for movie night.

Teaching kids (even super ones) that their talents are useful and appreciated is very important to the development of their self esteem.

If you determine that your kids aren’t superheroes, well done. All you need to do now is continue to keep them away from radioactive goo.

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