35 MM Camera Earrings

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35 MM Camera Earrings

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When I was a “tween” way back in the early 1990s, there was no such thing as a “tween.” Stores hadn’t yet begun to market denim miniskirts and miniature Chanel earrings to our demographic, and I remember making my own puffy painted t-shirts so I could resemble the 16-year-olds I saw loitering in the park. Magazines like Sassy and YM were a wee bit too sophisticated for your typical fifth grader, and my mom still thought I should be wearing floral turtlenecks. Where could a kid turn to for fashion advice?

Answer: “The Babysitter’s Club” books by Ann M. Martin. If you fancied yourself a sleek city slicker, you could follow Stacey McGill’s lead and wear black pants and oversized black and white striped sweaters.


Everyone knew the true indie sitter was Claudia Kishi—a Japanese art star who hid potato chips in her pillowcase and sucked at spelling. Ten-year-old girls across the country revered her wardrobe, which always included wild jewelry like pen earrings that actually contained ink and wrote. She wasn’t afraid to take chances and create jewelry out of household items.

Which leads me to the reason for this post: these 35mm Camera Earrings, available through Etsy. They’re tiny and understated (a little less than half the size of a quarter), and adorably kitschy with their two-dimensional design and black and white retro feel. The camera image is printed on white plastic and features hypo allergenic posts. These are honest-to-goodness Claudia Kishi-approved earrings.

Here’s an idea: box these cuties up alongside a Claudia-narrated book (the better to hear in Claudia’s own words why she thought it proper to pair a palm tree earring with black ballet flats) and encourage your favorite tween to embrace fun fashion AND fun YA literature.

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