3D Solar System Kit

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3D Solar System Kit

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Our solar system is a wonderfully perfect place. Our planet remains the exact distance from the sun that it needs to be for us not to burn alive, or freeze to death. It also manages to do this while spinning. Even more fascinating, is that there are other planets with entirely different atmospheres nothing like our own, which are also making their way around the solar system. It’s no surprise that kids are completely enraptured by space, and just about everything in it.

We feature many products based on space here at Nerdy with Children, but not many of them boast that they contain an entire solar system in one package! This 3D Solar System Mobile Kit contains everything a young astronomer needs to build his or her own solar system mobile (sans the vacuum, although I’m sure you have one in your house). This mobile is specifically designed for kids to build; each planet has a quick-snap feature, making the assembly process more about discovery and adventure, and less about mechanics or precision.

Once assembled, the 3D Solar System Mobile Kit measures 29.5 inches, and contains virtually everything currently inside our solar system. This kit makes the perfect gift for any junior space cadet, so get them to bust it open and start building!


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