4 Awesome Family Tabletop Games


I know that when spring first sprung a few months back, you fantasized about all the yard frolicking you’d be doing with the kids this summer. For the more adventurous among you, maybe you even planned to do a little camping or road tripping. But then, summer came. If you’re anywhere close to my neck of the woods, being outside in the summer means bugs, uncomfortable heat and endless sunscreen applications. Maybe you’re even on the bad end of a summer thunderstorm.  That nice, clean air conditioned living room is probably looking pretty good right about now.

Don’t let that pesky sunshine ruin your vacation. Just grab the family and hunker down for an epic day of cool-and-comfortable tabletop gaming. There’s really nothing that cards, dice, imagination and a few sets of rules can’t cure.

Here are a few games that are worthy to grace the surfaces of your nerdy family’s table.

1. Fuzzy Heroes


We’ve covered this elsewhere on Nerdy WIth Children, but it is worthy of mention here in a different context: Fun! Essentially a rulebook for turning your kids’ stuffed toy collection into a band of soldiers, Fuzzy Heroes is an excellent game for introducing your kids to roleplaying games. The book comes complete with a narrative to follow, so kids can assign powers to the toys they already have and pit them against evil villains as they act out the story. After your first campaign, you have everything you need to make up your own adventures following the rules you’ve already established.

2. Dungeon!


This Dungeons and Dragons board game is a great way to get the family accustomed to the D&D universe. Much like the mother of all role-playing games, your characters will need to make choices to determine which monsters to chase after. The deeper you go into the dungeon, the more difficult the fights become, and the rewards more epic. The first player that makes it back to the beginning with the most treasure is, of course, the winner. Careful. After being exposed to Dungeon! your little guy or gal will likely end up insisting on becoming the dungeon master of your D&D group.

3. Kinderbunnies


Similar to (and compatible with) its older brother Killerbunnies, in Kindbunnies players race to build up their bunny‘s carrot stashes while attempting to block the carrot-gathering of their opponents. This game may be a teensy bit complicated at first, but after learning it, your kids will beg you to play it over and over.

Because the game is part chance and part strategy, even the youngest of your group has a fair shot at grabbing the most carrots. The game has the bonus of being a great forum for your kids to practice math, reading and logic without even knowing it.

4. Doctor Who Monopoly



Just like the original, only it’s freakin’ Doctor Who! Fans of the show — or, more appropriately, shows will doubtless enjoy this game, but fans of monopoloy who are looking for a new take on the old game (there have been many versions) will also get into this sci-fi twist on the standard. The game references the many seasons and all 11 doctors, and the game pieces will delight fans, especially the  sonic screwdriver. And, as its history has proven, kids learn about money management while engaging in competitive gameplay right there in the living room. Cha-ching!


No matter what game you’re playing or where you play it, tabletop gaming is one of the best ways to create memories, become closer and teach values — unless, of course, you’re playing Jumanji.


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