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4-Piece Gothic Baby Set

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Purple is the “true” color of the goth scene. I would say purple and black but I know some of you would argue that black is not a color (that it’s ALL colors!); simply for the sake of arguing, and frankly, I’m too tired and hungover to deal with that, so purple it is. Burgundy or blood red are a close second, but traditionally, purple and goth are like flannel and grunge: they go together well and are a suitable match. Corsets, too. They’re standard attire for gals who enjoy dancing in a spider web fashion, alone, in a dark club 6 feet underground where the absinthe flows like $1.50 PBR drafts at a hipster bar in Portland, OR.

In keeping with tradition, what gothy mom and pop wouldn’t want their baby Dracs playing with, and burping on, things that mismatch with their counter-culture lifestyle? Not you, that is. You want the rattles they shake around, and the bibs that keep their coffin onesies clean, amassed in the blackness of night and the violet hue of lilies. Would you believe there’s an entire set of baby items exactly like this? Well, THERE IS! This 4-Pack Baby gift set comes complete with bib, rattle, burp cloth (aww), and mini lovey (a special toy), made with 100% organic cotton and gothed out in a black and purple corset design with “Punk Princess” printed on both rattle and bib. You can give this as a gift to your friends or be selfish and keep it for your own little lady. So go on….be selfish; that’s proper gothic etiquette.

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