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4Moms MamaRoo Infant Seat

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Let’s face it: swings, rockers, and bouncy seats don’t always work for every baby. Sure, they’re designed to be as comfortable as they can, and they do a good enough job of keeping your mini-me soothed and safe, but none of them are capable of emulating the motions of an actual parent. Fortunately, the crack-shot teams over at 4moms have created what is likely the next best thing to cradling your baby in your own arms: the MamaRoo.

The MamaRoo is a unique infant seat that prioritizes the comfort of your baby, while its subtle motions mirror what you’ve been doing since you started parenting. Motion sensors in the MamaRoo replicate five natural movement patterns, allowing your infant to experience lifelike motion incredibly similar to the swaying movements you use. It features a superbly comfortable fabric plush cover, as well as a reclining seat for added comfort at any angle. Three stuffed balls adorn the helm for entertainment, and the seat can be used with five different speed settings to adjust to whichever one your nerdling finds the most soothing. There is also an MP3 jack, as well as a set of nature sounds built right into the seat. The MamaRoo does everything you need in a rocker, and it feels like it was made just for your baby.


  1. Irine

    After reading alot of information and reviews about the great 4moms mamaroo part swing part bouncer we bought one and it’s the best thing we bought for our child. He loves it and is so happy, of course we are too.

    • NWCAdmin

      Terrific! Thanks for sharing that, Irine, and glad you’re liking it!

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