5 Awesome Nerdy Bathtime Toys

bath cartoon

Some kids are perfectly happy in the tub. They’re content to chew on a washcloth, play with a rubber ducky.

Or engage in other slightly less desirable bath time activities.

Bath Meme

Then you have those who rail against a bath with the fervor of a pissed off howler monkey.

Whether your kid is in the loving the bubble bath camp or if they proudly embrace the rub some dirt in it is more than just a sports catchphrase philosophy, they still need to bathe once in a while.

These bathtub accoutrements will delight your bath time fans and they just might convince a bath-a-phobe that getting clean isn’t as painful as they thought.


Rubber Ducky, you’re the one.

Kid O Floating Ducks

Rubber ducks have been around since the late 19th century. The little yellow bath toy loved by Ernie and millions of children has undergone many transformations along the way. There are pirate duckies, oversized duckies , and yes, there are nerdy rubber duckies too.

If your kiddos love their rubber duck friends but you’re looking for something a little sleeker than the traditional toy, Kid O Floating Ducks are a cute and stylish alternative.

This mama duck floats along with her baby duckling nestled on her back. This ducky family also rocks when placed on a hard surface so kids can have fun with them outside of the tub too.


Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive…

 Kryptonite Soap

If your kid is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and would rather pretend to be Superman than get anywhere near a bath, why not drop a little Kryptonite into the tub with them. This Kryptonite Soap from the Etsy shop, Bubblelanesoap, is super moisturizing but more importantly, with a bar of Kryptonite in the bathroom, they’ll be busy fighting their only weakness. And let’s be honest, that is so much more important than avoiding a good scrubbing. The shop is on hiatus for now but for those grubby little superheroes it’s worth the wait.


We heart narwhals.

 Narwhal Habitat Bath Set

If there was a campaign to find an official nerdy animal I’m pretty sure the liger, the unicorn, and the narwhal would be battling it out for the honor. Here though, since we’re talking water, the narwhal wins hands down. The Narwhal Habitat Bath Set includes a narwhal bath sponge, a floating iceberg and, for when the bath is over, a narwhal coloring book and a set of crayons. Sorry Mr. Dynamite, in the bath, narwhal beats the liger any day.


Gross things are often also awesome.

 Umagine Squishy Baff Goo

If toys aren’t enough to lure them then there’s always the Umagine Squishy Baff Bath Kit. The Umagine Squishy Baff Bath Kit turns bath water into colorful squishy goo. Let the kids squeeze the slushy tinted water between their fingers while they wash. It leaves skin soft and is safe for your kids and the environment. When they’re done playing, add a little dissolving powder and the goo is transformed back into plain old water. That means this primordial soup won’t clog the drain and it won’t leave your children with a bluish tint. Squishy Baff goo is available in four different colors: red, blue, green and pink. Though I’d stay away from the red. It kind of creeps me out but hey, if you’re into creepy go for it. Halloween is right around the corner after all.


Splish splash, taking a bath I was.

 Yoda Robe

This Yoda Robe is my favorite thing. Not like favorite bath thing, more like favorite thing in the entire galaxy. After a bath, it’s always nice to snuggle into a big soft robe and hey, if that robe happens to have Yoda ears and help you use the force then all the better.

Party going on, how was I to know there was?

Hopefully, some of this nerdy bath time fun should fend off the tears — at least until you accidentally get shampoo in their eyes.

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