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A quick search of either Android or Apple apps reveals thousands of apps for expectant parents to use as they prepare for the biggest day of their lives. When I first started looking up pregnancy stuff, I was so overwhelmed with the sheer amount of apps out there that I just gave up. I have What to Expect When You’re Expecting and I refer to that pretty often. We’re pretty busy these days and don’t see each other very often, so right before bed we make it a ritual to look up stuff about our current stage of fetal development on our phones and share them with each other. Our favorite site is the Week to Week calendar from WhatToExpect.com.

This is working just fine. There are tons of unfortunately souls out there who don’t have smartphones, and their babies look pretty normal to me. Even still, I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m not using my phone to its full capacity. It’s high time to stop procrastinating try out some apps to help me get a little more into the pregnancy spirit. The best way to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of apps out there is to figure out what I’m going to use an app for and find the best app for filling that need. To that end, I’ve identified a few categories where my pregnancy could use a little technological assistance.

What’s Up With the Baby Today

A lot of people have recommended BabyCenter’s My Pregnancy Today app, and for good reason. Once I plugged in my due date, the app pulled up a list of dates with a little fact, image, exercise or even comic for each day of my pregnancy. According to the app, today I’m supposed to go for a walk (I can tap to check off this activity). For the beginning of week 17, there’s a great image of what my little fetus looks like with tappable details. For next Saturday, there’s a tip about flying while pregnant. Very cool, varied, and bite sized. Some days even come with links to relevant videos. Where’s your video, grandma’s pregnancy book?




What to Eat (and Not Eat)

Ok iTunes, you win this round. I had a pretty hard time finding a highly rated Android app for pregnancy food, but iTunes carries Parenting.com’s Can I Eat It? App, which is exactly what I’m looking for. Guess I’ll have to stick to looking it up on websites the old fashioned way, since I’m a Google phone kind of gal.


What it Means When I Feel Weird Aches and Pains

As a first time pregnant lady, there are a lot of things going on in there that freak me out. Why does my back hurt so much? Why do I feel hot when everyone else complains about being freezing?


The best app I found for shedding some light on common pregnancy symptoms is I’m Expecting by MedHelp. This app shows which symptoms are most common for the current week of development, and a tap on the symptom will explain what’s going on in detail. The app also links directly to MedHelp’s user forums, just in case your symptom isn’t listed in the top three most common for your week of pregnancy.

Link to iTunes version.

Pregnancy Exercises and Stretches

While you can definitely use the other apps listed here for tips on pregnancy exercises, I was looking for something with a breadth of targeted exercises to strengthen a few weak areas. Google Play seemed to highly recommend Pregnancy Workouts and Tips, which is just a collection of short videos to show expectant mothers how to work out. I didn’t much like the quality of the videos, but I did find the exercises interesting and the directions simple to follow. They even targeted common problem areas (like the lower back), just as I was hoping it would.


Of course, what I’m looking for on my Android is definitely available on iTunes. The Pregnancy Exercise Weekly Fitness app looks fantastic – just like My Pregnancy Today, but all about different exercises for different weeks of your fetal development with videos. Each week even has an explanation for why that exercise is good for your pregnancy at that point.

How to Have a Little Fun with My Pregnancy

CineMama (for iTunes only) lets you take a photo of yourself each day and then turn it into a great movie with music at the end of your pregnancy. So awesome. Stupid Android.


Baby names is on iTunes and Android, and contains name info for over 3000 names. You can even add your favorites to your own personal list. Something tells me that even if we used something like this, we wouldn’t be any closer to agreeing on a boy’s name.


And of course, I was bound to run into some apps I didn’t even know I needed. I’m definitely going to give the Contraction Timer app a download.






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