5 Awesome Star Wars Baby Onesies


Ten years ago, I thought Star Wars had come to a conclusion. I had just finished watching a midnight showing of Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and the creeping realization that the last thing I would see on the big screen related to Star Wars was Darth Vader yelling “Nooooooooooooooooooo” swept over me. My thoughts exactly, Mr. Franken Vader. Fast forward to 2015, I’m tasked with writing about Star Wars baby clothes as the dawn of an apparent golden age begins to surface for the internationally popular space fantasy. Make no mistake, Star Wars could have been locked up in a vault and dropped in the middle of the Pacific, but I still would insist on buying appropriately-themed onesies for my son. If you’re reading this I can only assume that the force runs through your veins like it does mine. And, like you, I’m going to do my best to pass that passion down to my child(ren). The best way to express this obsession, at least for the first two years of childhood, is dressing my kid up in super cute onesies. So, without further ado, here is my list for 5 awesome Star Wars baby onesies.

“R2D2 it is you, it is you!”


It’s your favorite droid that everyone loves, R2D2. Straight from Etsy, this classic take on infant cosplay even comes with a cap. The price $48.00.

“Who’s scruffy looking?”


He didn’t shoot first. He’s the only one who shot. This Han Solo inspired onesie is sold right here on Nerdy With Children. We wouldn’t sell it if we didn’t think it was awesome. Yes, it is double-sided. The price is $24.99.

“Echo station 3-T-8, we have spotted Imperial walkers.”


I love At-At Walkers. This onesie just makes me happy.  Too much attention is put on boys loving Star Wars. In reality, everyone loves Star Wars. Etsy lists the price at $15.00.

“You look absolutely beautiful. You truly belong here with us among the clouds.”


Sometimes, I like things to be different. In a sea of uninspiring kid fashion, risk should be rewarded.  This is a great design for those of you who society has identified as hipsters. However, do any parents want their kids growing up to wear ties? I certainly hope not. Etsy lists the price at $16.95.

“No disintegrations.”


 boba fett star wars onesie

No list is complete without Boba Fett.  Cosplay, isn’t just for people with tons of time on their hands. This one is double-sided as well. Yup, we sell this one too. Price $24.99

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