5 Cool Legend of Zelda Baby Onesies


Hey, Listen! We know how much you guys love the Legend of Zelda. We know your love goes beyond just playing the games, and we know that even those of you who hate kid Link would take Windwaker over anything from any other Nintendo universe, just because it’s Link. We get it.

Want to know something else we know? The world of baby clothes is a pastel, Spongebob-and-Mickey-filled wasteland. Now that we’ve had babies, we know that a good onesie is hard to find.

Don’t worry, new parents, we’re here to help. Our own search for cool Legend of Zelda onesies to add to our growing collection of baby geekery has led us to a few glimmering rupees, so to speak.

I’m Zelda, He’s Link.

What exactly is the relationship between Link and Zelda? Their are-they or aren’t-they antics are small potatoes compared to the question of why Zelda really ever needs Link to save her in the first place.

Just like Zelda, your baby girl doesn’t need Link to save her, but she would still look pretty great in this Zelda-inspired onesie.


If you’re looking for something a little more special for newborn photos or going home from the hospital, there are also handwoven crochet options out there.


Stop Calling Me Zelda!

Poor Link. How many times has he had to correct people on this? Probably more times than someone named Stephen. He’s got a lot going for him though – think of all the free swords and bombs and boomerangs he’s been handed by random people hanging out in caves. And when’s the last time someone let you come in to their house and smash all their stuff without consequence? I’d say Link’s doing alright.

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This super-cute Link onesie is actually for sale right in our shop. Designed for baby adventuring, it’s even softer than it looks and comes with a sword and shield printed right on the back, no leveling required.

Sending the Right Message

If you’re into the type of onesie that has a clear, clever message, don’t worry. There’s something out there for you too.


Clear message: here, take this (baby). You’ll never be alone again (not even when you pee).

And because you want everyone to know that you’re listening to your baby, show them how much she reminds you of Navi. (Hey!)


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