5 Cool Paper Cut & Assemble Kits

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3D papercrafts are a fun and easy ways to both entertain and occupy your children. All you need is a pair of scissors or utility knife, a printer, and heavy weighted paper. Sometimes, you may need glue or tape. Here are five cool paper cut and assembly kits, in a variety of skill levels and interests.

MInecraft paper cut & asssemble

First up, Minecraft. I think it is fair to say that this game is a favorite in many families, appealing to multiple age and skill levels. Who hasn’t played the game and wanted, at a minimum, a Redstone sword? With this paper craft, your children can have a life-sized version. Simply print two copies of this free image from Pixel Paper Craft, glue one image to cardboard, cut it out using a utility knife, and then glue the second image to the other side.


Darth Vader cut and assemble

Next, for all the Star Wars fans, create this free 3D Darth Vader, complete with lightsaber accessory, papercraft, available on Cubeecraft. Contained in the zip folder are two printable JPEGs with complete cut and assemble instructions. Aside from Star Wars, Cubeecraft has hundreds of free geeky pop-culture crafts from which to choose.


Donkey Kong cut and assemble

Third, Donkey Kong! I don’t know how many children these days are aware of the awesome that is Donkey Kong, but what better way to expose your children to this childhood favorite from our past than this free cut and assemble kit from Desktop Gremlins. This printable PDF is two pages, containing detailed instructions.

Carl Sagan cut and assemble

Fourth, something for my fellow lovers of science and astronomy. Did Carl Sagan get your excited about science and astronomy? Have you shared your love of Carl Sagan with your children? This free Carl Sagan cut-and-assemble craft, available from Paper Foldables, will help remind you and your children that we’re made from star-stuff!

Hi Fi cut and assemble

Finally, something for the art and music lovers, requiring a little bit more time and skill: a Hi-Fi cut and assemble kit available for purchase at Mister Retro. This kit features exquisite retro art by Derek Yaniger. Seriously, how chill is this retro living room? The 11×17-inch kit contains three sheets of delicious silk screened art, ready for you to assemble.

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