5 Killer Skull Items for Cool Kids


The skull.

It’s iconic in so many ways, evoking fascination, awe and fear, depending on one’s perspective. Kids normally fall into the first two categories, finding skulls cool, hip and darkly humorous. As they grow, and begin to understand anatomy while learning a little more about folklore and myth, they become a little more concerned about the implications of the image of a skull.

A skull means the flesh has been removed from someone’s head. Or there is danger in the air. There might be poison in that bottle. Could be a lion ate an entire tribe and left only their bones.

Or a skull can mean it’s time to rock-and-roll, time to go on an adventure, time to battle pirates.

Whatever the message, kids seem to “get it” when it comes to our flesh-free noggins. So here are five killer-cool skull items for kids of all ages.

1. Day of the Dead Onsie


The Day of the Dead, the much misunderstood Mexican holiday during which people gather to celebrate the memories of relatives who have died, makes ample use of skulls and skeletons. Colorfully elaborate decorations include flowered floats, costumes and statues of the dead. This kick-ass onesie from Red Bubble captures the Day of the Dead ethic with a wide-eyed skull situated dead center. (Get it? Dead center …) Sizes run 3-24 months, and artist Thaneeya McArdle offers a host of other Day of the Dead designs at her portfolio page.

2.The Skull Alphabet Book


The true beauty of the skull is captured in this fantastic book in which children are challenged to guess the name of the animal by looking at … its skull. Here are 26 wonderful renderings of natures own helmet, protector of the body’s central command center.

3. Red Skull Tie


This cute-and-menacing cross-bones tie is perfect for both boys and girls. It’s like all stylish and stuff, till you get up close. Have the little one wear this over to grandma’s house or to church one day. Really stir things up.

4. Skull and Butterfly


I love this. Just love it. Simple and vivid, combining the menace of a skull with the delicacy of a butterfly. Any little girl (12-24 months) would look killer-cool in this thing.

5. Goonies T-shirt


What list of skull stuff would be complete without a Goonies T-shirt? The skull sports a goofy grin, and the swords pay homage to the swashbuckling conclusion to this seminal kids film. Black-and-white, simple and clean. Perfect for your young Goonies fan.

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