5 Nerdy Swimsuit Styles for Kids


There is a trend right now of dressing kids like little adults. In some cases, this is totally adorable. But when it comes to 5-year-olds in skimpy bikinis, I have to draw the line. Let’s find a way to dress kids for hot weather, swimming and other water fun, without making them look like tiny Victoria’s Secret models. But how do you go against the grain, make your kids comfortable and foster their nerdy fashion sense?

Here are five suggestions:

1. Old Timey


Check out Chichanella Bella right now, for the greatest old-timey swim fashion you’ll ever see. It’s all vintage-inspired, from back when pants and a hat were part of a girl’s bathing suit, and stripes were de rigueur. You’ll wish they came in your size. It reminds us of this look:

Helena BC

2. Inspired by Video Games
mario trunks

If your family’s summer fun in the sun is bittersweet because your hands feel empty without controllers in them, help soothe the pang of screen withdrawal with these adorable video-game inspired suits.

Boys can sport a little retro Nintendo pride with these Mario trunks, and girls can throw themselves into sandcastles in this Angry Birds one-piece.

angry birds

3. LEGO Trunks


LEGO (of all companies!) has a whole line of swim trunks available with different geekily awesome themes, but our favorites are Ninjago and Star Wars.

4. Swimsuits for Comics Lovers


Beachtime was fun before, but showing up rocking a super hero costume will open up a whole new level of summer play. If you’ve been suspecting your little Clark Kent just needed a suit to unleash his inner Man of Steel, give him what he’s been needing with this Superman Swimming Suit.

If your kid’s a little more the Peter Parker type, suit him up in these Spider-man trunks and set him loose to spin his web.

Of course, we all know that girls love comics too. See what kind of heroics your little wonder girl can manage in this Wonder Woman girl’s two-piece.


5. Fantasy Costume Swimsuits Ahoy

There are some swimwear pieces out there that are just so flippin’ great that when it comes to inside dress-up time, your kids will eschew the princess dresses and blanket capes, and beg you to dig out their swimsuits.

Mermaid Tail

If your little girl pretends to morph into a mermaid as soon as she hits the pool, she’ll grow up never forgetting her Mermaid Tail swimsuit.

pirate suit

Check out this “Navigator” suit, complete with map and compass detail. That parrot patch screams “Pirate!”

Lastly, if you’re the kind of parent that dressed your kid as peas in a pod for Halloween, you might like the swimsuits over at DHgate. They have tons of ridiculous one-pieces to turn your wee swimmer into things from watermelons to bumble bees. Be careful though: They have so much inventory that it can be overwhelming. In the end, don’t stress too much. If kids love being in the water, it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing.

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