5 Easy (and Frugal) Ways to Nerd-ify Any Nursery


In case you can’t tell by a quick scan of our catalog of articles, we really REALLY like finding cool nerdy stuff for baby’s first room. There are a couple of reasons for this, the first and foremost being our belief that being a parent shouldn’t mean giving up the things you like to geek out about. Another might be how much we wish we could have had the nerdiest nursery on the block when we were babes, but that might just be me.

While a lot of the items we find to deck out Doctor Who or Game of Thrones nurseries are super awesome and unique (and often promote indie artists trying to swim in the big pond of the Internets), we get it: that stuff is kind of expensive. As my due date approaches WAY more quickly than I would like, the blank walls in the nursery feel more and more like a vice. I always imagined my kid would have the coolest room to hang out in, and would love having story time in their own little nerd haven. So why not just do it?



My back hurts.

There has got to be a way to kick these blank walls up a notch without spending a ton of money and time on them. The devil’s in the details, right? So let’s find us some amazingly easy and cheap details to make this place all about our family.

1. Big Huge Wall Decals (and Other Sticky Wall Things)

While these may seem at first like a costly investment depending on your design choice, it sure beats the price of the cans of paint it would take to cover even an accent wall (let alone a few rolls of wallpaper). Score a few accent pieces, or pay more for a full wall mural. The best part? They’re usually removable, so you can relocate them to the playroom when junior decides he loves football. This set of Adam West-esque comic decals will run  you a cool $32.00.


For a more DIY approach to stick-on wall bliss, cut some sweet shapes out of this adhesive, repositionable chalkboard roll and go nuts. Don’t forget the chalk!


2. Your Very Own Homemade Mobile

Given the amount of time this kid’s going to spend staring up at your mobile, this is a key opportunity for some quality geekery by osmosis.

Do you have tape? Maybe some string, paper, and wood of some sort? You can do this quickly, easily and cheaply.


This one comes to us courtesy of Boxy Colonial (where you’ll find a handy tutorial). Want one that’s a little more nerdy? Cut out your favorite iconic shapes instead of circles – superhero insignias, video game paraphernalia, dragons – whatever you’re into. Be creative.

3. A Nerdified Lamp

Lamps are pretty cheap at box stores or Ikea, but the thrift store is your best bet (especially because you’ll be upcycling.)

I got a white version of this one at Ikea for $5.99.

Once you  have your cheap-o lamp, it’s time to decoupage!


This one from Annotated Audrey is covered in comic book pages. (Click for tutorial.)

4. Baby Name Collage

Whatever you’re into can become a cool name collage to hang above your baby’s crib. You worked so hard to pick out that name, of course you want to show it off! Just get a few pieces of your favorite graphic, cut out the letters, and layer in a frame. The dollar store or thrift store are excellent places to grab cheap frames to repurpose.


This one’s from Etsy seller spottedflats.

5. No-Sew Curtains

As much as I’d love to whip out the ol’ sewing machine and create an amazing set of crib sheets, bumpers and the works, I’m just not much of a seamstress. Unfortunately for me, a set of cute, dramatic curtains is exactly what my nursery needs. What to do?

A bit of hem tape, clip on curtain rings and a bit of bold fabric will do the trick, and I don’t even need to thread a needle.

The tutorial at JSOnline explains.

Use vintage bedsheets, scope out cool fabric at the fabric store, or get all fancy and make your own at Spoonflower.com. If you’re really into using up all that fabric, you could also make a matching no-sew crib skirt:

Nerdy header baby via Quarfordt Family

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