5 Fantasy Action Figures Your Kid Will Fall In Love With


When I was a kid I played with action figures all the time. I would take my Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Marvel, DC and Transformers figures and create a whole new world for them to interact in. Hours were spent pitting good against evil.

Unfortunately, I didn’t own that many fantasy genre figures. It was mostly guns, blasters, lightsabers and missiles. I remember owning the Dungeon and Dragons Fortress of Fangs, but not any other figures to go along with this fantastic playset. Fortunately for your child, I’m writing this article to inform you that there are some amazingly detailed toys on the market that are straight from the land of swords and sorcery. Below, I’ve listed five figures we were sent after picking them out at Toy Fair 2013. They are not in any particular order.

1. Mutant Gorilla


From the french toy company Papo comes what can only be considered a time-traveling Mutant Gorilla. First, we notice that this beast, obviously from a planet of apes, has a couple cybernetic limbs attached replacing his real limbs — which were doubtless sliced off in an epic battle with the Crocodile mutants. During his time travels, he hopped to the 1980s and picked up a left footed sneaker from a newly built mall in suburbia. He comes equipped with two removable weapons: a samurai sword and some kind of hatchet ax. (Dear readers, feel free to drop a comment below if you have the proper name for that brutal looking blade). We chose to feature this Gorilla out of Papo’s mutant line, but if they want to send us more (like the rhino figure) we wouldn’t complain.

2. Mythical Realms Chimera


We’ve covered Safari Ltd.’s Chimera in an earlier article, but we love it so much this list wouldn’t be complete without adding it. If you want, read our full review or just know that this figure kicks ass. Safari Ltd. took a lion, goat, dragon and a serpent then added some wings to finally create this beautifully detailed toy. Many an adventurer has lost control of their bowels when facing off with this multi-headed monstrosity. Your child will pretend to devour the head of any Avenger or X-men as the Chimera continues its path of destruction. What’s that Spider-man? You can shoot webs? Well this Chimera breathes liquid flame, can fly and delivers one hell of a poisonous bite. Good luck with that Spidey. Don’t worry guys, up next we’re about to introduce one knight that could take on this mythological fiend.

3.  Spider Warrior and Horse


Papo doesn’t just make mutants. No they have quite an expansive line when it comes to fantasy figures. The Spider Warrior and Horse — Yes, that’s the actual name. I think Papo should just pay me to create names and backstory for all their figures — looks extremely ferocious and would give the Chimera a run for its money. With a shield emblazoned with a giant spider and a horse decorated like a Chinese Emperor from the Qing Dynasty, the Spider Warrior strikes fear into any living creature unfortunate enough to get in its path. He even comes with what appears to be braids from the movie Predator. Your child might want a toy horse, but they would much rather have this elegant knight. Trust us on this.

4. Krystal Blue Dragon


Speaking of Chinese Dynasties, let’s talk about Safari’s Ltd’s translucent Krystal Blue Dragon. (Seriously guys, I’m available for naming and creating origin stories.) Gold and blue are not colors that you usually associate with a savage dragon, but on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most fierce I would rate this creature at “get the hell away from him as quickly as possible.” The snake-like body offers a variation on the traditional dragon toy, which is an angle that Safari should be commended on. Their whole dragon line is pretty impressive, and any of them should satisfy your young-and-noble dragon tamer.

5. Skeleton (Glows In The Dark)


No dungeon or castle is complete without a few skeletons hanging around. I’m not talking about the ones hanging in your closet. I’m referring to Papo’s Skeleton figure. This fiendishly wicked master of bones glows bright green in the dark. I love this little guy, and he would make a great army builder, especially if you purchased a couple of skeleton horses for him to ride. Not sold yet?

OK, let me blow up your imagination with this epic imagery. Cruelus, the spider warrior, digs his heels into his mighty steed in an effort to quickly reach his fellow hero, Brax. Brax, the mutant gorilla has been ambushed by eight fearsome skeleton soldiers who have him pinned against a giant oak tree. The ground trembles as Cruelus successfully navigates the muddy path narrowly avoiding limbs that seem to grasp at his lustrous armor with invisible claws. A skeleton leaps in his way, but the spider warrior jockeys his horse forward. The horse’s hooves stampede right over the evil creation. Bones snap like twigs as the knight plows through the would be obstacle. Will Brax survive? Can Cruelus reach his brother in arms in time? Beats me, but I’m sure your kid will figure it out.

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