10 Great Apps for Parents of Toddlers


There may be a lot of things that divide your household on a daily basis. Cloth diapers or disposable? Rock or Bach? Pasta or gluten-free?

One important point of contention that may be fueling the fire is whether or not you use your handheld tech to help keep you on schedule and connected. Some parents feel that tech ties them down or is used all too often as a crutch. Other parents feel that if they’re not squeezing every possible useful function out of their phone, they’re doing it wrong.

The best approach is to find that happy medium where you are making the tech you already have work for you. If you feel bogged down or you get a little surge of annoyance every time your phone buzzes or beeps at you, by all means, cut the cord and delete the apps you hate. Just don’t be afraid to try out a few of the apps that may really and truly make life easier.

If you have a toddler, you probably feel like life is crazier than it’s ever been. Here are a few apps for parents of toddlers we found that may just make things a little less frazzled – go ahead and give ’em a spin. Most of these apps will be useful even beyond the toddler stage.

Cozi Calendar


A must have app for parents of toddlers on the go, Cozi Calendar allows you to sync your schedule up with anyone who also has the app. It syncs with your online calendars (like Google Calendar) and you can email a list of upcoming tasks to anyone you choose.

Kid Friendly Restaurants


This app does exactly one thing: find kid-friendly restaurants near you using your GPS. The help it may give you when you’re traveling with tired kids will be well worth the free download.

KaBOOM! Playground Finder


Just like the above app, KaBOOM is a crowd-sourced playground finder that uses your GPS to find the nearest playground in one tap.

College Save


College Save is an app that helps you build up your toddler’s college fund by estimating how much college will cost in the future and how far your money will go. You can adjust market confidence levels and plan how much to contribute to the fund each month.



Heaven forbid it should happen, but if you’re involved in an emergency where your phone has to do the talking for you, this app puts the “ICE” in case of emergency button on your front page and with the push of that button, first responders can access all of your medical information. You can program in the most important phone numbers and you can even leave a voice message with directions, should you so choose.

SitorSquat Bathroom Finder


I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t have this app. Phones should come with something like this. Who hasn’t found themselves frantically searching for a bathroom?



With ZipList, you can make shopping lists and add to them automatically when you find a new recipe you’d like to try. The best part about this app, though, is how sharable it is: just sync up with family members to share your list with them. It also has a few cool features like organizing the items on your list by grocery aisle and a barcode scanner that adds scanned items (like an empty container) to your shopping list.

Family Matters


Family Matters takes boring and monotonous circumstances (like waiting in the dentist’s office) and turns them into fun, meaningful conversations between you and your family members. Kids will love to share their thoughts and join in the discussion prompted by the questions in the app.



With iHomeopathy, you can quickly search for the best way to treat a host of common kid injuries and afflictions.

Red Rover


Red Rover is a great app for parents of toddlers living in the cities it serves, which include NYC, The Hamptons, Atlanta and San Francisco. They’re adding more all the time. If you live in one of the serviced cities, use this app to wrangle up some age-appropriate “awesome” in your neighborhood.


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