5 Great Geeky Wristwatches for Kids

It’s possible that while roaming the adult world full of clocks (on our phones, in our cars, next to our beds, on the wall) we’ve forgotten how freakin’ sweet a great wristwatch can be to a kid. I remember saving up points from some snack I always had after school to send in for my very first digital watch. It didn’t take long to break it when I forgot to take it off for a bath, but hey, that thing was cool while it lasted.

And I never personally had one, but the only reason calculator watches were nerdy is because everyone wanted one. A watch that did something other than tell time? The future is now. Or, was then. You know what I mean. While critical tech has become smaller and smaller, so have our tech toys. These are the days when kids’ watches can become remote controls, record video or allow us to communicate across distances. Check out a few great watches that do more than just tell time.

Dr. Who Dalek Radio Control Wristwatch


Even if your kid is too young to fully enjoy everyone’s favorite time travel series, they’ll still have fun controlling the RC Dalek. Someday they’ll understand. For now, see if the cat will chase it!

Sprout Kids Organic Cotton Strap Time Teacher Set


Biodegradable material? Organic cotton strap? A really cute owl with huge eyes? I want this watch and I’m a grown up. I wish I could learn to tell time all over again so I could have an excuse to wear this awesome watch. Teach young ones to tell time with this clock toy, book and matching wristwatch.

AGPTek Two-Way Walkie Talkie Wrist Watches

I used to have this weird obsession with reading Dick Tracy comics. Whenever I would visit my grandparents house, I was glad to see them and all, but I always headed straight for the bookshelf where the complete Dick Tracy collection lived. It’s very possible that one of the appeals of the comic was imagining how cool it would be to communicate the way Tracy did with his two way wrist radio.


As it would appear, I was born just a little bit too early. Now, kids can play with these all they want. I realize I have a cell phone in my pocket all the time, but that doesn’t curtail my jealousy at all. So much potential for mischief wasted!



Spy Net Secret Missions Video Watch


This little slice of spy movie turned real-life holds up to 20 minutes of video, four hours of voice recording or 2000 photos. The watch seems to have some battery life issues, but can be plugged in and charged via a USB. This is a wristwatch that can record and store video, folks. Who cares if the battery life falls a little short of expectations? Think of all the possibilities! I kinda wish I had this in college for taking audio notes during class.

Classic Casio Calculator Watch


Because I couldn’t write for a site called Nerdy With Children and not put the classic Casio calculator watch on this list. It’s so tragically nerdy that it’s actually kinda hip. Plus, math! Look, Marty McFly even has (had? Will have?) one.


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