5 Great Onesies for Baby Cosplay

4064116323_aeef4b5027_bWe all know that cosplay is serious business; the costume play industry has been growing exponentially and won’t be going away anytime soon. There are as many approaches to cosplay as there are characters to recreate.

Some choose to lovingly cultivate and create each painstakingly accurate detail, and some spend hundreds ordering their costume online, piece by piece. There’s no better way to show what a big Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek or Star Wars fan you are.

As an expectant cosplayer, the images you had in you head of your baby probably weren’t like those of other parents. While some dads dreamed of teaching their sons to do an oil change or write a program, you simply couldn’t wait to teach your son the many ways to use duct tape. And while some moms dreamed of dressing their daughters in tutus and Easter dresses, maybe you had something a little more like this in mind:


The best part about dressing your baby is that as long as it’s G-rated and weather appropriate, they get to wear anything and everything. Why not make every day a new opportunity for baby cosplay? There will come a point when they’ll need to grow up and wear regular clothes, but that day is a long time off.

Teach them how to use their imaginations and express their geekiness with these awesome onesie costumes.
The Doctor

Classic. While those in the know will recognize this as the 11th Doctor’s signature bowtie look, others will find it to perfectly suit your dapper young gentleman (also featured here).


Etsy seller Cichemom also makes a great 10th Doctor onesie in black or brown, perfect for more formal occasions. Also in the store are Tardis bowties for dressing up other outfits on laundry day.

Star Trek Red Shirt

Are you bold enough to dress your baby in Star Trek red? If you really believe the old addage that red-shirters never make it through the whole episode, don’t worry: Cichemom also makes yellow and blue Trekkie uniforms aplenty.


Hogwarts Student

There’s definitely something magical about your baby. Why not dress them to their destiny in a Hogwart’s uniform? Of course, your little hero will definitely be sorted in Gryffindor. The onesie features a tie in the classic colors of Harry Potter’s house and a graphic of the clasp that holds the wizard cape.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT is one of those franchises that definitely managed to remain cool in a way that parents and kids can both relate to.  With every new cycle of TMNT reinvention, one thing always stays the same: the purple, red, orange and blue.



As you grow up, cosplaying C3-PO becomes exponentially more difficult. Besides, what with all the R2-D2, Leia and Stormtrooper cosplay, it’s time for a little 3PO love, don’t you think? Etsy shop GeekFury also has other awesome onesies like classic Link or even Boo, the tongue-wagging Mario ghost.


Bonus: Link from Legend of Zelda!

Who wouldn’t love seeing their little hero running around as everyone’s favorite Hyrulian? This onesie comes complete with sword and shield already printed right on the back – talk about adorable multitasking!

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Header image: Katamari Damacy costume by Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely


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