5 Great Online Indie Kids’ Clothes Boutiques

First of all, I’m not gonna pretend there’s not a time and a place for Carter’s baby clothes – they’re cute and cheap and they’re friggin’ everywhere. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve tossed a sleeper in my cart at Walmart when she had outgrown her very last one LITERALLY overnight. But your baby is only gonna let you dress them for so long before they take their style down an adorably horrific path that you just can’t follow, which is why you MUST pepper your little’s wardrobe with at least a few quirky head-turning indie pieces that are so cute (and so you) that you think you just might cry.

Here’s a great little list of indie kids’ clothes makers that I double-super-swear made me actually put my wallet in the freezer so I wouldn’t buy all the things.

1. Nerdy with Children

NWC Assorted

Yep, that’s us. We make cool indie clothes for babies (and their older entourage).  We believe geeky parents like us should share stuff we were into as kids with our babes in a way that fosters creativity and imagination for all involved.

2. Hello


Hello there, Hello. We love how these gender-neutral styles blend on-trend typography with a sense of humor. Try pairing the “I’m not tired” baby onesie with the “I’m so tired” matching parent tee. How’s that truth hit ya?

3. Salt City Emporium


A lot of mommy bloggers out there super dig dressing kiddos up like they’re on their way to some very important meeting. That’s cool – but this mommy blogger thinks that kids clothes need a strong dose of whimsy. I’m a hardcore subscriber to the notion that it’s important for kids to wear the fun, crazy things they can’t wear as adults.

Salt City Emporium gets it. Citrus bloomers? Typography LEGGINGS? Gimme those baby legs, I’m gonna put them in those pants ASAP.

4. Tribe is Alive


Do you like your geekery with a little sass? Tribe is Alive has super cute graphic tees with phrases like “All love needs is you” and a cactus that just wants to “hug it out.”

5. Vicarious Clothing


Awesome graphics are one thing – but awesome graphics with a positive message? Get that Vicarious Clothing tee on my kid right this instant. From Abraham Lincoln quotes to shirts for new big brothers and sisters, every tee here is a graphical winner.

Bitten by that pesky Indie kids’ clothes bug? Visit our friends over at {KID}Independent. It’s kinda their thing.

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