5 Great Nerdy Ways to Recycle Old TShirts


Around here, we write about a lot of tshirts and onesies. And why shouldn’t we? They’re an adorable (or sassy) way to display some personality, they’re the perfect size and price for gifting, and they’re easy to toss on in a hurry. The right shirt is hilarious, practical, and tells the world exactly what you’re into.

When I say we write about them a lot, we do. We really freaking love them. Don’t you? I mean, seriously:

Here are a few classics.

Gotta have onesies for cosplay!

And oooooh, this one!

The problem with buying tshirts for littler humans is that kids have zero regard for your clothing budget. If a shirt isn’t stained, ripped or fading into oblivion, your kid will grow out of it in eight seconds flat.

Before bagging all the old tees to take to the Goodwill, consider using them with your kids to create a few awesome upcycled craft items. We’ve tried to gather a big range of difficulty levels with a few no-sew options.

Loopy Scarf (no sew)


Grab a few different contrasting colors to make a stand out (and super soft) loopy scarf. Just cut the shirt into strips, twirl into circles, and tie the circles together. It’s like a chain link of nostalgia and coziness.

Bracelets (no sew)

There are a lot of different ways to make bracelets out of cut-up tshirts. While the above video covers braiding, don’t be afraid to get a little more creative with weaving designs.


Kick-Ass Cloth Diaper

If you’re handy with a sewing machine and the word “recycle” is what made you click on this article, all you need is one adorable baby to make the perfect tshirt reincarnation. Straight from your chest to your baby’s bootie, here’s how to make an amazing cloth diaper out of your family’s old shirts.


Tshirt Memory Quilt

While this may require a little bit of advanced craftiness and a few more supplies than other tshirt crafts, a memory quilt is truly the best way to preserve a carefully cultivated snarky tshirt collection. Why lose all of those great images and messages just because kids insist on growing?


Tshirt Totebags

Just because you hate filling landfills with plastic grocery bags, it doesn’t mean you have to carry ugly reusable bags around with you all the time. On the contrary, why miss an opportunity to be adork-able?


The only drawback to making these totebags is that all it takes to make them is two quick seams, which will hardly fill up a crafty afternoon. What will you do with all the extra time? (Joke. Don’t throw stuff at me.)


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