5 Mother’s Day Gifts For Nerdy Moms


PSA: Mother’s day is May 11th. That’s in like two weeks! But don’t panic, we had to do our shopping too, so we thought we’d spare you a little of the legwork and show off the awesomely nerdy stuff we found. Thanks for bringing us kicking and screaming into the world, Mommies! We love you!

Here are a few things we think your mom will love, even if she didn’t automatically have to because it’s from you.

Morse Code Necklace

This etched copper pendant is a subtle message to your mom that she’ll never go out of style. Beautifully designed and slightly asymmetrical, it’ll patina over time to become even more unique. Her body chemistry will change the color of the pendant over time – how cool is that?


This one says ‘Mom,’ but you can custom order whatever name you want.

Oxytocin Mug

Oxytocin is the molecule responsible for the strong bond between mother and child, so there isn’t anything more perfect to put on your science nerd mom’s coffee mug to remind her that nothing will ever come between you.


Adorable, clever and subtle, I ‘love’ it (because it’s the love molecule – get it?)

Coordinates Bracelet

Is your mom farther away from you than she would like? Tell her exactly where to find you with this awesome coordinate bracelet.


If you don’t want to use your home address, you can use the address of the hospital you were born, the address of your first home together, or any other old place you can think of.

Organic Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Set

When I think of myself as a mom in 10 years, I’ll definitely be behind a computer screen enough to require a little bit of wrist relief. Does your mom game, write a blog, or maybe just take forever to write an email? Moms are notorious for snagging pampering where they can, and this lavender-scented wrist rest set will help her get a little more all-important relaxy time, even while she pwns noobs. There are even fifteen different fabrics to choose from.


My mom doesn’t use computers (don’t get me started on that) but I may just buy myself one of these sets – I’m going to be a mom soon, which totally counts.

Long Distance Love Map

These days the world is much smaller, but that doesn’t mean Mom doesn’t wish you lived closer. This cute graphic of the U.S. with your two places connected by a heart will definitely remind her that miss her as much as she misses you.


Added bonus? Map and graphic design geeks alike will find something to love in this print.

Don’t see anything here that Mom will love? No big deal – she’ll love it even if you draw her misspell her name with crayon on some construction paper. Just show her you’re thinking of her.

Encouraging her to let her geek flag fly is just an added bonus.

Header image is from this Mother’s Day card, which you can totally buy for your mom.

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