5 Nerdy Backpacks for Back to School

 Luke Backpack

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, our nerdy offspring are happily back in school and eager to learn. If you are a master procrastinator and still haven’t gone back to school shopping, or your nerdling is already in need of more room to cart home all that extra credit homework, here are five backpacks they’ll love almost as much as the books inside.


1. Uanyi Pixel Art Backpack

Uanyi Pixel Art Backpack


The Uanyi Pixel Art Backpack offered by ThinkGeek might be pricey, but think of the priceless art your child can create—and wear around school!

The durable backpack is made of canvas with a yellow silicone front, where your little pixel artist can attach single pieces of silicone. The bag combines a LEGO look with an 8-bit art style that just cries out for original art, re-creations of Mario or a game of Tetris.


2. Legend of Zelda Backpack

Zelda Backpack

Rather than Mario or Tetris, if it’s The Legend of Zelda that has a special place in your favorite gamer’s heart, consider giving them this Legend of Zelda Backpack for their next adventure.

This backpack is handmade by etsy seller GeekyU. While it might not be roomy enough to hold a bow, bottles, boomerang, map, compass, keys, heart container piece—you get the idea—it does come with its own Master Sword. And it even holds a book and notebook or two so your kids can get to class in Hylian style.


3. SuperME Backpacks

Super Me backpack

Preschoolers and kindergartners who might need some extra bravery at school every day will feel invincible with the SuperME Backpacks. A cape and mask are stashed inside, just waiting for an alter ego to be unleashed.

SuperME bags come in a variety of styles for superheroes of all stripes, and can be personalized with patches to make the backpack one-of-a-kind.


4. Zippee Lunch Tote Ruler

Zippee backpack


If your kid counts math as his or her favorite subject, this backpack festooned with rulers from top to bottom is perfect for mini-mathematicians. With a simple design and plenty of room to spare, this bag more than measures up for back to school.


5. Out of This World Backpack

Out Of This World backpack

If it’s astronomy that calls to your mini-scientists, Dabbawalla Bags offers a bag that will have them over the moon. Colorful, uncomplicated, and fit for a preschooler, the Out of This World Backpack is great for school, sleepovers, or just a trip to the science center.

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