7 Nerdy Dog Accessories for Your Canine Children


Yes, this is Nerdy With Children. But for many of you, where there are kids, there are dogs. Or, hey, maybe your dog is your kid. We don’t judge.

We do, however, find some pretty nerd-tastic stuff for kids of all levels of hairiness. Here are a few of our favorite nerdy dog accessories.

Holy crap, that dog is eating a zombie foot! Another day saved by your amazing zombie hunter. Or, if you’ve seen through my thinly veiled attempt at tricking you into thinking that’s a real zombie foot, consider it a great training tool to teach your pup exactly what to do when (not if) the zombie apocalypse arrives. Is it true that just like poison oak, dogs are immune to the zombie virus?


Know what’s better than a pirate? A pirate who also happens to be a hedgehog. In case you haven’t heard, hedgehogs are really hot right now in the world of alt animals. This one has an eyepatch, which means that even though he has half the depth perception of normal hedgehogs, he has at least twice the awesome. This little guy makes me wish my dog didn’t annihilate stuffed toys in t-minus 10. She’s an exceptionally strong chewer though. If your dog is smaller, she and the little pirate hedgehog should get along famously.


Well isn’t your dog a dapper young man! That mustache toy is exactly what he’s been needing to tell the world how he’s just the cat’s meow. And how!



Petco has recently unveiled their Star Wars fan collection which is admittedly worth checking out, if for no other reason than to snag this Yoda bed. Run in their sleep with their legs flailing in the air, they will. You can also dress your dogs up in clever Star Wars costumes if you and your dog are into that kind of thing.


And since we are equal opportunity Star-franchise fans, our pups are pretty excited about this rubber Star Trek Enterprise chew toy. If it tries to hit warp speed, just grab the ends and play a little inter-galactic tug-of-war.


Sometimes I suspect that if I just found the right language, my dog and I would be able to have an amazing conversation. The next language I’ll try will be binary with this food bowl, which conveniently spells out the word “geek.”



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