5 Nerdy Gifts for Mother’s Day


May Day! May Day!

Mother’s Day falls on May 12 this year and, if you’re reading this, you probably haven’t gotten anything for mom … yet. Dads, this one is for you, since the mother of your children isn’t like other moms. You know, flowers and chocolate won’t cut it if you’re married to a full-on nerdy-nerd. Here are five gift ideas that will appeal to the geek in the woman of your household. So gather the kids and let them help pick out the perfect present for mommy.

1. The Science of Good Cooking


The Science of Good Cooking is a weighty book packed not only with delicious recipes (over 400 of them!), but with the science that forms the fundamentals of making good food. Covering essential cooking concepts ranging from experimenting with moisture to the best uses of starch, The Science of Good Cooking appeals to any detail-oriented mom who enjoys science, spending time in the kitchen experimenting, or both.

2. Constellation Mug


While mommy is flipping through the pages of The Science of Good Cooking or browsing through the newspaper in the morning, she can take a sip from the Big Dipper with a constellation mug from Uncommon Goods. A warm drink will light up the night sky on the mug to reveal eleven constellations.

3. Pi Bottle Opener


Now, if mama is more the type to crack open a bottle of beer than sip on a latte, we’ve found something for her, too. The Pi Bottle Opener, also from Uncommon Goods, can serve as a handy-dandy bottle opener, a work of art, or a conversation starter like, “Did you know you can calculate pi with pies?”


4. iNecklace


Nothing tells your mother “you light up my life” like the illuminated electronic pendant iNecklace from ThinkGeek. This is a simple piece of jewelry, but for programmer moms, it can also be a fun way to while away a few hours. She can use the LED necklace’s source code and schematics to customize any light-flashing pattern she chooses.


5. LEGO Heart Pendant

If the iNecklace is a little above your price range, but you still want to get something memorable for mom to wear, visit the Etsy store Cutebricks for all sorts of jewelry fashioned out of dainty bricks. The shop offers LEGO heart necklaces in a few different hues, including a red chrome heart or a bright, simple red heart that even kids can afford with their allowance money. Show mom how much you appreciate every LEGO brick she ever stepped on because of you.

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