5 (plus one) Nerdy Pinterest Pinners


Sometimes when I’m working diligently, I can get a little lost. And by working diligently I mean perusing Pinterest pretending I’m a crafting genius.

How am I supposed to find the Sherlock Holmes-tiled bathroom I was so intent on flawlessly creating if all that keeps popping up are heavily owled nurseries? What if I just want to make a TARDIS cake? I don’t need to see room after room in which it seems a parliament of owls has exploded? Geez.

Pinterest keeps telling me, “We couldn’t find any results for ‘nerd crafts,’ but you might try Holidays, Corgis, Sneakers or Pasta!”

Not helpful Pinterest.

After much frustration, I’ve decided to make a list of reliably nerdy Pinterest go-to’s, so that you and I may never again have to suffer a failed search.

For all its potential silliness and time-wasting capabilities, Pinterest is, at its core, a source for sharing ideas. Some of those ideas are pretty great in terms of entertaining a bored kid on a rainy day and yes, there are some adorable nurseries (some of which even have owls in them.)

Pintrest Owls

For those of you who are similarly geeky in nature, here are some of our favorite Pinners … besides us I mean. We’re on Pinterest too you know.  Sorry, I always find starting the day off with a little shameless self-promotion to be refreshing.

1. Mental Floss

Pintrest Mental Floss

The fine people at Mental Floss bring us nerdy products, gift guides and other neat stuff on their Pinterest site. With a gourmet geek board and gift guides for the music mavens, bibliophiles, and tykes and tots in your life you could be all set for the holidays by August. And when we say all set for the holidays we mean, like, up through 2030 or so.

2. Nerdin


As in nerdin’ out. A lot of their boards are pure nerd eye candy. My Favorite Mars Pins or Let’s Go Voltron Force could keep you from doing any actual work for hours but what I most like about Nerdin is their penchant for nerdy kids’ costumes and

Impeccable design sense. 3D Wall Art Hulk Nightlight? Star Wars Room Hovercraft Bed? Yes please.

3. Steph:: Modern Parents Messy Kids


Though not billed as a nerdy parenting Pinterest site, this one is worth its weight in nerdiness gold. Steph, the founder and managing editor of Modern Parents Messy Kids (MPMK for short) has created a Pinterest site that has everything from tutorials on how to screenprint your own Lettuce Turnip the Beet onesie to parenting tips for those of us who still feel clueless from time to time. One of her boards that I especially like is her STEM Finds board, where she has collected tons of activities and products designed to cultivate STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) skills in kids. Nerdy fun from playtime to bedtime, these boards have got you covered.

4. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Pintrest Chinese Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

Many incredible science museums have gotten on board the pinning train. Houston is one of my favorites to explore with kiddos for a lot of reasons. They have a board entitled Horticulture’s So Haute Right Now which is one of the best titles for a board ever. Obviously. Their Zany Zoology board has pictures like this

They honor Talk Like a Pirate Day. They have an understanding of the fact that food and science are made for each other. Most of all I love them because of the Kultured Kiddie Klub board full of science and crafts that include a walking on eggs experiment, DIY Jello worms and Shark Week inspired paper projects.

5. Geek Crafts


My little geek heart is aflutter. Tracy Hite has given us a place where we can let our inner nerds roam free amidst Legend of Zelda quilts and Trekkie cross-stitch charts. We can find DIY tutorials on Minecraft swords and that oh so important first pair of Chuck Taylors.

Thank you Tracy for creating this beautiful space where geeky and crafty so beautifully coexist. Thank you for helping our kids craft until they can’t craft anymore. And then, when those little fingers have made as many Lego friendship bracelets as they can, thank you for showing us where to buy Gummy Bear brooches to go with them.

Pintrest LEGO bracelet

6. My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter


I’ll give you this bonus pinner because it feels good to laugh at others and, if we’re being honest, at ourselves, too. You must look at Tiffany Beveridge’s board that pokes some gentle fun at hipster parents and their overly coifed kids. The board details the adventures of Beveridge’s imaginary hipster daughter, Quinoa, and her friends who don equally impressive names like Dolce and Chevron. Using kids’ fashion photography and witty captions, this is a good one for a laugh during naptime.

Pinterest has been called many a thing (usually those things involve something about kitten memes and green smoothies), but if you let it, Pinterest can do more than help you make perfect cupcakes and plan picturesque weddings. Pinterest can be a smorgasbord of activities to nerd out to with your kids.

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