Nerds in the Pool: 5 Great Inflatable Swim Toys


Maybe you’re going on a trip to the lake soon, or maybe your old pool toys are lookin’ a little stale. Either way, here are a few great pool toys to make your little slice of vay-cay paradise the nerdy oasis your family deserves.

Big Inflatable D20


The D20 is quite possibly the most recognizable icon of nerdy awesomeness of all time. Most of the games you play have the D20 to thank for their existence. Here’s a little taste of some D20 action:

Me: “I try and ride the horse.”

DM: “Roll a D20”

Me: “I rolled a 1…”

DM: “The horse explodes, impaling you and your whole party with horse guts. Everyone takes 3 damage.”

So now, your family can play with this 17″ classic fate-determiner in the pool at their own risk.

Inflatable Starfighter with Squirter


Grab a couple of these starfighters with built in water squirters and have yourself a war for dominance over the quadrant. It’s built to carry grownups, too.

Inflatable Castle


Forget bounce houses – this castle floats. Your kids can crawl in to their very own island fortress and fend off any adults who may think it’s time to dry off.

Inflatable Galleon


Want to board the galleon? It’ll cost ya. How do you think I lost my eye? Lounging in a normal floatie?

Inflatable Space Shuttle


Complete with thermal tile detail on the bottom and instrument panel on top, this space shuttle floatie would be a cool toy for indoors well after you’ve covered the pool for the winter. They’ve even added a few QR codes on the shuttle that will lead to a couple of neat space videos.

Bonus: Retro Gameboy Beach Towel


Make sure all your geek bases are covered by letting people on dry land know how nerdy your kids are too. This is a much better Gameboy to take to the beach than the real one – trust me on this one.


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