Nerds in the Pool: Great Inflatable Swim Toys

The greatest thing about getting into a pool, lake, or ocean during the summer is getting to play with all the cool inflatable floats.

2 kids floating on sea dragon floatie pool

Depending on where you live summer can be long hot and miserable. Sure, it starts out fun, but after a month or so of scorching weather, you’re yearning for those cooler fall evenings and shorter days. However, as a child, you might have been lucky enough to have access to a swimming pool, lake, beach, or another large body of water. One of the fondest memories I have is wrestling a giant inflatable alligator in my parents’ above-ground pool. Nothing beats cool off in blistering heat than playing with a pool inflatable float. Maybe you’re going on a trip to the lake soon, or maybe your old pool toys are lookin’ a little stale. Either way, here are a few great pool toys to make your little slice of vay-cay paradise the nerdy oasis your family deserves.

big inflatable d20

Big Inflatable D20

The D20 is quite possibly the most recognizable icon of nerdy awesomeness of all time. Most of the games you play have the D20 to thank for their existence. We have a whole article about collecting D20 memorabilia, but we never knew a pool toy existed. This inflatable D20 is 24×24, durable, and waterproof. Perfect for playing a make-believe Dungeons & Dragons in the pool.

2 headed sea serpent pool float

2-Headed Sea Serpent Pool Float

The sea serpent is a fabled monster found in most cultures. It lurks in the dark sea waiting for vessel to pass over it. Let’s not forget about the most fable sea monster, Loch Ness. Now your family can own this huge inflatiable sea serpent and tame it in your own pool.

dragon pool float

Dragon Pool Float

If your child is learning how to play RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons then this dragon pool float is a must-have. This dragon is large as well, 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall. Yes, it’s suitable for adults to use as well.

star wars inflatable balls

Star Wars Inflatable Balls

Your kids will love bouncing R2D2, BB-8, and the Death Star to each end of the pool. These balls are 14 inch in diameter and come in a complete set of 3.

mario kart pool floats

Mario Kart Pool Floats

Have your kids race around the pool in these two bumper Mario Karts. They’ll be able to paddle all over and not need to worry about turtle shells being fired at them. A great way to pull them away from screens!

space shuttle pool float

Space Shuttle Pool Float

Blast off into outer space or at least the deep end of the pool with this awesome rideable space shuttle float. The float can support a child under 90 lbs. Also included, are QR codes all over the float that let you and your child explore the real shuttle on your favorite device.

brachiosaurus dinosaur pool float

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Pool Float

What’s a better summertime activity than riding a giant dinosaur in the pool? This Brachiosaurus pool float is 48-inches tall. That’s so huge. It kind of makes you want to be a small kid again, right?

pirate island pool float

Pirate Island Pool Float

This is one of the coolest floats in the list. It’s hard to believe it even exists. A legit floating pirate fort with its own little slide. It’s 82-inches by 62-inches so make sure you have a compressor to inflate this humongous pool float. Aaaaarghhhh matey, thar she blows and blows and blows!

ufo spaceship pool float

UFO Spaceship Pool Float

There certainly is a resurgence in UFO talk in America over the last few years. What better way to celebrate the return of aliens with this awesome UFO pool float with an attached water squirter.

triceratops pool float

Triceratops Pool Float

Nothing beats watching your children jumping on and wrestling a giant floating dinosaur. Don’t worry the horns on this large 43-inch lizard aren’t real. Just make sure you have a powered inflator on standby to blow this thing up.

sea monster pool float

Sea Monster Pool Float

Your children are going to love riding the high seas (in your pool) on top of this cute sea monster pool float. Just look at that tongue sticking out. Absolutely adorable. This float can hold up to 225 lbs and measures 115 inches long.

pirate raider pool float

Pirate Raider Pool Float

Your child will ride the high seas and make their friends walk the plank in this fantastic pirate ship pool float. Plenty of room to seat multiple kids and let them pretend to be Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Hopefully, they won’t start digging the yard up to bury their treasure.

rainbow cloud pool float

Rainbow Cloud Pool Float

This is the ultimate pool float. It’s almost as large as an NYC apartment. We’re talking 50 sq. feet of chillaxing and soaking up some sun. This might be more suited to those of you with access to large bodies of water or giant community pools. Kids could probably dive off of it, but we’re not going to suggest that.

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