4 Punk Hairstyles for Kids


For those about to about rock, we salute you. For those about to punk, we have some fashionable hairstyles for you. In order to help keep Justin Beiber at bay in your household, it may be time to consider a new look for your young one.

punk-rock kid

Okay, maybe not like that. You don’t want to freak out other kids by over-punking your own. But a nice punked-out coif might be just what Dr. Rock ordered. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. The Classic Mohawk


Shaved on both sides and a stripe of long hair in the middle, the Mohawk is one of the more recognizable hairstyles of punk culture. Originally, boys sported this look but nowadays (with gender equality and all) girls can choose to wear this look if they want. Heck yeah! One thing to keep in mind when styling your child’s hair is to never use the same products you would use in your own hair. So no glue or heavy duty gel since it could damage your little one’s precious locks.

A kid-friendly styling gel is what you’ll want to give kids an easy-to-wash-out spike. If you shave the hair just right, and it’s long enough when dry, you can allow the hair to fall such that the sides will be somewhat covered (to satisfy stringent dress codes in some schools). Or, if the kid attends a more liberal institution of higher education, go wild.

Dye it, too, with non-toxic coloring. Manic Panic Dye Hard is a great option, as it is not tested on animals, they are vegan and natural.


2. The Faux Hawk


This is a toned-down version of the mohawk. Essentially, the sides of the head are cut shorter and the middle strip on the top is longer. The stylist could also start by cutting your child’s hair short by the ear and then gradually allowing it to get longer near the middle, blending the sides into the strip. You can then let your punkster style their faux hawk with mousse or loose hold gel.

3. The Asymmetrical Look


You can go about this several ways. You can part your child’s hair off to one side that way the side with less hair will be shorter and the side with more hair will be longer, giving off the asymmetrical look. You can also cut bangs short on one side and slowly tapering them down to the ear on the other side. Another route you could go for girls is the asymmetrical bob cut, like this:

Asymmetrical Scene Hairstyles - 008

You can get a little crazy with this one, but be sure not to cut too much. Better to work your way into it, than make a mistake and have to shave your poor girl’s head. Which, of course, would be the ultimate punk move.

4. Long Bangs and Choppy Layers


This stylish emo-punk do is all the rage right now. Leave the bangs long and cut choppy layers around your little one’s face. You can also make it more punk by cutting layers around the face and top of the face and then leaving the back of the hair long. I would definitely recommend this style more so for girls (in my experience, boys tend to look more emo than punk with this hairstyle). Girls look edgier and badassier with this particular hairstyle. Right, girls?!

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