5 Reasons Why ‘Baby Legs’ are Pretty Rad


Usually things kicking around the Internet with headlines like “Hollywood babies love them” aren’t really our thing, but this time we’ll let it slide. These baby legs (a.k.a. baby leggings or legwarmers) are just too friggin’ sweet to let the uber trendy kids have all the fun.

As a matter of fact, I first saw these on Nick’s NWC blog post about his precious little guy, and was instantly jealous of his sense of baby fashion. He always has the coolest stuff.


Since I saw them for the first time a few months ago, I noticed more and more friends using them on their newborns. I decided it was officially a thing, and that I would head straight to my computer and find out if there was anything nerdy about them. There totally is.

#1: They’re Nerdy. Sorry, Hollywood Babies.

After a friend mentioned that they got their leggings “for free,” I didn’t even want to wait for a Facebook reply. I just Googled “free baby leggings” and quickly got a promo code (that actually worked! Imagine that!) for 5 free leggings at BabyLeggings.com. The code I used was “Thanksgiving,” but there are a ton out there since I’m gathering this company makes all of its money from the shipping you have to pay. If that code doesn’t work for you, just Google it, you’ll find one.

I realize that nothing is “free,” so I was a little wary of the situation. But sometimes, the juice is worth the squeeze. The pirates, robots and yeah, even the chevrons had me racing as fast as my prego watermelon belly would let me to grab my wallet.


I intentionally keep my credit card really far away from my computer, but this time the distance was nothing. I had to have those freakin’ maple leaf baby leggings. HAD TO.


Anywho, there’s a little something for all of the NWC nerd categories in their selection so check it out. I challenge you to buy just the free 5.


#2: Diaper Changes are Way Easier Than With Normal Leggings

On the many “must have” lists I scoured trying to separate the necessary from the frivolous when it comes to new baby stuff, more than a few had baby leggings (the pants kind). I’m not surprised, I wish I could go from jammies to outdoor attire with the addition of one garment without ending up on People of Walmart. Babies get away with everything!


The drawback of putting pants on a baby? Access. The interwebs tell me that new babies poop like 12 times a day (or more?) and taking off and putting on layers of clothing probably gets pretty old. I think you get where I’m going with this.

#3: These Things Are Pretty Easy to DIY

Their DIY-ness and the fact that they may last a little longer than all those newborn onesies that will very soon be too short makes these pretty decent dollar-stretchers.


There are a few different ways to make them yourself, but the most popular seems to be cutting up and hemming a pair of ladies’ knee high socks.

#4: They Save Chubby Baby Knees from Evil Floors

Previous attempts at products to cool off the burn babies might get from crawling on their knees included clunky kneepads or the old favorite: it’ll heal and get tougher.

This is a way cuter solution, don’t you think? This suit and tie baby leg set is from Etsy seller GigglePoo.


#5: So Many Choices!







Seriously, there’s a baby leg pair out there for everyone.

If you’re crafty and would rather create than purchase, the world of baby leggings is literally endless.

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