5 Rules for Finding the Perfect Nerdy Diaper Bag


When baby’s first born, they come into the world completely unimcombered. But somehow along the way, they get bogged down by a bunch of stuff. Every trip out the door requires a checklist like the one you used to use to go on vacation. Bottle? Books? Diapers? Pacifiers? Then, driving away from the house, “crap! I forgot my wallet!”

There’s not a lot you can do to avoid needing all that stuff, but you can make organizing all of it much much easier with a killer diaper bag. Pick the right one for you, make sure it fits your body and your lifestyle, and try to follow these five simple rules. You’ll be a hyper-organized parent before you know it (but if you’re anything like me, you’ll still probably forget your wallet sometimes).

1. If You’re Sharing, Make it Unisex

Awwww, how cute! A Hello Kitty diaper bag! But have you considered how many man points carrying around a pink diaper bag will steal from the male half of your parenting pair? Make sure you can both agree on the look of your diaper bag before you drop all that cash on something less than manly. Of course he’s such a good daddy that he’ll proudly carry it around anyway, but why not consider his style too? Unless, of course, Hello Kitty is his style.

Hollywood Monster Cool Trendy Punk Rock Diaper Bag

Whatever thing you’re both into (tattoos? Moustaches? Vintage Monsters? 80’s pop art?) Baby Rebellion has the perfect unisex alternative pattern diaper bag that we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find if you ever plunk it down into your playgroup’s pile of neutral-toned messenger bags. (Don’t worry, neutral-tone lovers, just wait until #4.)

2. Keep it Dry

When you become a newly expectant parent, you start to hear a lot of phrases that just sound wrong. One of those for me is “wet bag.” These wet bags are pretty important, though; they’ll save you a mess from the even lesser-pleasant-sounding things like “blowouts.”


Etsy has all kinds of fantastically designed wet bags for you to toss your wet diapers into and then chuck into the laundry, so whatever you’re into, there’s a wet bag to show off your style. Do you like vintage moped style? Or how about pirates? Of course, there’s always the old standby classic comic book print.

3. Get All the Pockets

It might be a fun idea to get a big purse or slick messenger bag to use for baby’s stuff, but will it have enough pockets for everything? It needs to be able to separate your keys, phone and wallet from baby’s things, have a large main compartment, and a ton of pockets for organizing all of baby’s stuff (how can such a tiny person need to carry around so much stuff?)

This Star Trek diaper bag has ample room inside and five large outside pockets. Plus, the liner features the original Enterprise.


4. Make it Comfy

You’re already lugging around a kid and who knows what else, so the diaper bag should be as light as possible. You also want to consider your size, because if you’re petite it might be tough to carry around an enormous tote.


If you want a simpler bag that’s lightweight and super comfortable, check out the Skip Hop Duo Delux Diaper Bag. That alliterative title and heather grey chic already makes me want to throw cash at this thing, but there’s more. It quickly converts from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag and back, and works hard to keep your cell phone, wallet and keys in a separate dry compartment from that other wet baby stuff, making it comply with any number on our rules list.

5. Make it Safe

Make sure you know what’s in the materials of your diaper bag. PVC and vinyl are often used but may be unsafe because of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Many diaper bags are just plain old cotton, like this Superman tote. If you’re going non-plastic for your bag, make sure you pick up a PVC-free changing pad like these circular ones from Patemm.


The Tardis diaper bag from the header can be found at Geek-a-Bye Baby.

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