5 Superhero Parodies You (Won’t) Want to Share with Your Kids


Superheroes are awesome and all, but jeeze, sometimes they take themselves way too seriously. As do the people who admire (and secretly desire) to emulate them. I mean, saving the world is awesome, but lighten up already, caped crusaders. So to add some levity to the world of superhero-dom – and to give you geeky parents a little “me” time — we’ve collected five superhero parodies that will make you (and maybe your older kids, if you dare to show them) laugh out loud.

But really, these are just for you, so make sure the kids are asleep.

1. G.I. Jos PSA’s

OK, so these are old news, but sometimes, on the Internet, the older something is, the more obscure it becomes. So in case you’ve forgotten, or in case you’ve never seen them before, the G.I. Joe PSAs will have you doubled over with laughter. Preposterous, hilarious and all the other “ous”-es, these shorts had HASBRO toymakers all upset when they were first produced. So much for taking a joke.

2. Harvey Birdman

There is no superhero lawyer funnier than Harvey Birdman. This is deadpan humor at its best. Really, watch any Birdman show and you won’t be disappointed.

3. The Turtles Get Screwed

If you’re a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you’ll appreciate this ridiculous but well-made parody. Clever dialogue, a little sick humor and a few inside jokes make this one a knee-slapper. “Go do some machines.” Awesome.

4. Captain Invincible

OK, this one is OK for the kids. Funny because of its nostalgic value, and because Alan Arkin is always funny, this parody pokes fun at all of the superhero cliches.

 5. Pooty Tang

In you’ve never seen Pooty Tang, you need to. The brainchild of Chris Rock, the super-cool superhero that is Pooty Tang can’t speak a lick of English, but his bizarre turns of phrase are some of the funniest moments in this really stupid, really humorous satire. Pooty is a friend of children, pimps and hookers, and he wants to change the world. Just don’t touch his belt.

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