5 Treasures for Your Sea Squirts


Ahoy, nerds! If your science-loving sea squirts long to be marine biologists when they grow up, or if they just dream about life under the wavesSpongebob Squarepants notwithstanding — there are plenty of goodies out there to make them feel at home in the ocean. So put on Recess Monkey’s Deep Sea Diver while you plumb the depths of the list below, and you just might score some valuable underwater booty for your family. (Did you know treasure hunters still do that?)



1. Seagull Pillow Cover

seagull pillow cover


Add some character to your child’s room with just one pillow. The salty seagull on this pillow cover from Serena & Lily is begging to star in tales about his exploits on the high seas. Stay up late concocting bedtime stories with your little sailors about this memorable bird, or just snuggle with him before dreaming of more adventures.


2. Sea Songs Night

  sea songs night print

Perhaps the seagull counts this striking ship captain as a comrade. The endearing fellow on this Sea Songs Night art print from Society6 croons a lullaby to the stars, singing of ships, waves, and voyages gone by. The bold colors and soothing scene complements the playroom or bedroom of any kid who dreams of fantastic journeys aboard a seafaring ship.


3. Deep Sea Princess

 deep sea princess print

Sarah Jane Studios offers another art print for girls who love marine life. If your little girl longs to discover life under the sea, or if she’s just a deep sea diva (I’m punny!), she’ll adore the soft, peaceful Deep Sea Princess art hanging on her wall.


4. High Seas Romper

 high seas romper

Once the little sea squirts wake up from all of this dreaming about life on the sea, they’ll wake up ready to set sail for some expeditions. This comfortable and stylish High Seas Romper from Winter Water Factory, made of organic cotton, is the perfect outfit for taking an action-packed journey across the ocean waters, or just going to that play date with a fellow baby buccaneer.


5. Narwhals Onesie

 Narwhals Onesie

Etsy shop GnomEnterprises carries a variety of oceanic-themed onesies, but none are as delightful as this navy blue Narwhals bodysuit. The unicorns of the sea on this handmade onesie are so loveable that your little one will feel wrapped up in a narwhal cuddle. And who couldn’t use a narwhal cuddle from time to time?


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