5 Unique Marvel Kids’ T-Shirts

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You may have heard about the issues Disney’s been having with some of their Age of Ultron merchandising choices as of late. In case you missed it, the kids’ clothes that came out to promote the film were seriously lacking anything Black Widow.

Marvel, we know you’re trying (at least we’d really REALLY like to give you the benefit of the doubt, because we just can’t quit you.) We know that more and more, you’re starting to portray strong, independent female heroes as comic book protagonists.

We know that the shirts we’re disappointed in (a pink shirt featuring only the male Avengers, or any girls’ shirt that says “I need a hero”) are out there, but don’t lose hope–there are still some really fantastic Marvel and Marvel-inspired shirts out there to be had.

Deal with It

doc doom Deal with It Adult Front

Sometimes to get a truly unique tee you gotta use fan-art. We saw this Rocky Davies Dr. Doom 90’s album cover illustration and knew we had to put it on a shirt, so we did. Deal with it.

Superheroes All-in-One Face Shirt


What should we call this? IronBat FlashClark CapHulverine? Whatever, it’s cool. Sorry Marvel purists, a little DC got thrown in. We know, we’re having an identity crisis too – we’re told it’s pretty normal at this level of awesome.

Glow in the Dark Arc Reactor Youth T-Shirt


Serious medical conditions can take any of us off guard, even playboy-billionaire-arms dealers-turned-superheroes. To raise awareness of whatever the condition is where shrapnel from a bomb blast slowly and impossibly makes its way to your heart, this shirt features a glow-in-the-dark arc reactor, the only device known to halt the progression of the tiny metal pieces. Never forget. (Side effects include the ability to power an amazing rocket-propelled set of flying armor.)

8bit Marvel Heroes


We would totally play this game! This fan-art tee features 8 bit versions of heroes and villains alike. Look closely for details like Prof X’s wheelchair, Mystiq’s nudity and Venom’s tongue.

I am Ms. Marvel


Thanks for giving us Kamala Khan – a daring, much-needed move in the right direction. We love this shirt, but a search for New Ms. Marvel merch is disappointing. Give us more gender-free shirt choices for heroes like Kamala.

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